Iraq Gov’t, With People or Without People
Iraq Gov’t, With People or Without People
Almost one year since Iraqi people’s staged protests and called for resignation of Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi and formation of interim government

Iraq Gov’t, With People or Without People

I analyze today’s Iraq either in its political or economic performance and even in coordination between the parliament and the government tilting towards the demands of a U.S. Administration that the very today has turned Washington into a scene of civil war. And I see the current specific condition that is in favor of Iraq because of the U.S. weakness for its increasing pressure on the Iraqi government but it does not use it.


Almost one year since Iraqi people’s staged protests and called for resignation of Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi and formation of interim government, the first priority and promise which was uttered by Mustafa Al-Kadhimi’s government was to hold parliamentary election. In fact with the dominant political and security climate on Iraq and problems of the former government, holding election was a general demand from religious community, public demands of protesters, elites of the country and some fractions in the parliament. So holding parliamentary election was one of the priorities of the government. But a complicated current in Iraq, day in day, makes the climate tighter for holding election and forming commission for preparing the election. The Iraqi government with its decisions has not yet cleared its path for organizing the condition for a stable Iraq.

Serious conflict between the public and the government is on the rise day in day. The government is inattentive to public interests and demands. It is sometimes after adding the grounds for materializing the bullying goals of the U.S., and is sometimes after helping a current which is in minority, and it is totally inattentive to the public demands.

Political leaders from fractions, Islamic and national parties, and religious clerics have considered attention to the public demands as the main priority and not attention to the U.S. demands. But the government runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds, and it just seeks killing time. This expectation that it needs one year for holding the election makes the people more nervous. It is with materialization of election and formation of a strong, united and efficient government that Iraq can surmount its security woes, eradicate financial and bureaucratic corruption, and increase the amount of services and welfare for the people who have been hurt by the insecurirty and lack of peace.

Iraq parliament with electing Al-Kadhimi as premier thought that he could induce integrity and empathy between the government and the nation, and to put an end to the occupation of the country by the foreigners according to the approved law in Iraq and also to restore a logical and honorable relation with countries especially with neighboring states and especially with the Islamic Republic of Iran which has always stood by Iraqi nation and government in the tough times.  But the government by providing grounds for giving time to the groups  not aligned with the people reminds us of Shaban Bimokh (Shaban the Brainless) coup d’etat in Iran (he was instrumental in overthrowing Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh’s government in 1953 Iranian coup d’état) and the government has paved this ground.

The post- Saddam Hussein era experience in Iraq has shown us that new formed democracy in Iraq, tense political, party and tribal competitions as well as interference of aliens foment instability and insecurity resulted by occupation and terrorism.

All the parliaments and governments which have come to power and each has been forced to resign under different pretext, all and all, have suffered from this factor that national unity in Iraq and concentration on national interests are unachievable.

Shortages and problems regarding the national interests of Iraq and lack of national unity have always been a pretext for influence of aliens. Giving concession of time to the opponents also helps the framework of division in the country. The prioritized demand of majority of Iraqis is summarized in the independence of the country under national sovereignty and integrity, and reducing the interference of foreigners.

The Iraqi government even for the sake of its survival has required and will require to support Hashd al-Shaabi forces as the pillar of the national power in Iraq, and any backtrack from this patriotic and national duty will lead to more dependence of the country to the foreigners in its security, national defense and even economic arenas.

  By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS