Nullifying US sanctions, Iran’s strategy
Nullifying US sanctions, Iran’s strategy
Iranian Parliament Speaker noted, "Our main strategy to overcome the anti-Iran sanctions is nullifying the sanctions as well as strengthening each and every one of the Iranian people."

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Speaking in an open session of Parliament on Wednesday, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf referred to the Leader’s remarks over nullifying sanctions in the meeting of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination on Tuesday.

“We have to come up with different ways to deal with the economic issues caused by sanctions,” he said adding that it is not a viable solution to simply and optimistically wait for the lifting of sanctions.

“Today, our main strategy is the nullifying of the sanctions, that we must do such measures with effort and courage”, Ghalibaf underlined.

“In order to overcome the sanctions, we must strengthen each and every one of the Iranian people, and as the Leader said, it is by nullifying the sanctions that the lifting of the sanctions can be achieved”, he explained.

  • source : Mehr