For Us, Neither Biden Nor Trump ; None of Them
For Us, Neither Biden Nor Trump ; None of Them
The U.S. presidential election finally ended and most Iranian people and politicians are waiting for its result.

For Us, Neither Biden Nor Trump ; None of Them

The U.S. presidential election finally ended and most Iranian people and politicians are waiting for its result. Regardless of Joe Biden winning the election and entering the White House or Donald Trump’s team’s resorting to the pretexts like rigging, vote recount or even not accepting the result of the election as a tool for staying at the White House, one should wait and see what the impact of the election would be on the current climate in Iran.


We should thank God that in the current condition and with distribution of the minimum handout in the country among the public, either distribution of poverty or wealth, we can still have enough strength to resist in order to survive the current imposed domestic and international political and economic condition. Resistance against the U.S. maximum pressure policy against Iran during the Trump’s presidency and also President Hassan Rouhani government’s extroversionist policy, and to some extent the meltdown of Iran economy, on one hand because of these cruel policies and on the other hand non-national policies, has created two different approaches in Iran.

Some people believe with Biden in the office, the condition will be paved for the revival of the JCPOA and improvement of Iran national economy. Some people essentially believe that Trump’s re-election would be better; first, it would help the collapse of the U.S. federative and secondly he had no hegemonic harmony with Europe, and in order to escape from the current catastrophic condition in competition with China and Russia, he could open the economic scene for presence of oil companies into the Persian Gulf.

But why are we be able to resist? Perhaps we should say that it is because with devaluation of national currency against the foreign currencies, they have increased pressure on the public, but the other side of the coin was in favor of us and it has helped the non-oil exports to increase and it has helped the country to earn major part of its forex for meeting the national needs through this increase.

Even in the oil, gas and petrochemical sector, the daily gas production for consumption domestically has increased and equaled to 1.65m bpd of crude oil which is offered to the industries almost for free, and some 650,000 oil products from the total extraction and refining are exported based on the international prices. So the petrochemical products in the current year has increased 8 percent which provides some portion of domestic needs and some portion of exports.

In the agricultural inputs, we are fairly self-sufficient. That some believe that the Americans may wage a war on Iran is nothing but an illusion. First, in our neighborhood, no one has had, or has, or will have the gut like Saddam Hussein had. Secondly, a little bit farther, Saudis in Trump’s era had this potential with high risk to expand the range of Yemen war to Iran’s borders but with firing rain of missiles and drone attacks on Aramco facilities in Saudi Arabia by Yemeni forces, Saudis reached an absolute remorse, and ultimately the Americans themselves, who were concerned about attacks on their warships by Iran’s missiles and speed boats, dock their ships in Bahrain and it is impossible they dare to risk any attack because its fate would be annihilation of all of their bases in the region, and full halt in shipping of oil and passages from the Persian Gulf. So in some aspects we are very strong and we need to become stronger in some other ones.

Some through fantasy are living in this illusion that Biden is wiser than Trump and his forces have good relations and interactions with our diplomats, and on the whole, deal with him is better than deal with Trump but I myself do not essentially believe it, and believe they are both sides of a coin.

42 years of resistance against arrogance is worth of it that we rejected Trump and even if today we call them, nobody will pick up the phone in the White House. So we should continue this policy with Biden, too, in order that our 42 years of authority cannot be broken; and we should be thankful to the late Imam Khomeini and all should know that this U.S. with leadership of these decrepit old and incapable elements will not survive, and sooner or later these existing cracks in the body of this fake super power would turn into splits that we never imagined it.

  By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS