Constructive Negotiations Can Resolve Tehran-Ankara Trade Problems
Constructive Negotiations Can Resolve Tehran-Ankara Trade Problems
Commercial attache of Embassy of Turkey in Tehran Mr. Abdullah Oskay met Deputy Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce

Constructive Negotiations Can Resolve Tehran-Ankara Trade Problems


TEHRAN – Commercial attache of Embassy of Turkey in Tehran Mr. Abdullah Oskay met Deputy Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) for International Affairs Mohammad-Reza Karbasi and during the meeting both sides emphasized developing trade between Iran and Turkey because of strong determination of policy-makers and activists in different economic sectors of both states.

In the meeting, Karbasi explained the latest development on the bilateral trade between Iran and Turkey and the hurdles for bilateral trade since early March due to the Coronavirus pandemic which has become a big challenge for trade between Iran and Turkey and caused the trade volume drop sharply.

He also called for a strong determination from activists of different economic sectors of both countries for resumption and expansion of activities.

Karbasi noted that the trade volume of Iran and turkey was around $1.5b in the first seven months of 2020 which shows a considerable decline comparing to the same period last year. He added that this had made it more difficult to touch the target set for bilateral trade of $15b.

He noted some of imposed restrictions especially in transit and customs formalities as well as imposing ban on imports and exports can be easily resolved through constructive talks between both states.

He reiterated that Iranian statesmen and private sector have always been supportive of developing and easing economic relations with Iran, adding that the ICCIMA expects, despite all created economic difficulties, more cooperation to be shaped for removing the challenges for developing trade between both states especially by Turkey.

Karbasi deplored that due to the current inconsistencies, Iranian exports to Turkey and European states in the field of transportation and transit of goods are facing huge costs and hurdles.

He also called for acceleration in holding talks on preferential trade between Iran and Turkey and called it a necessary action for economic activists for expanding cooperation, stipulating that despite good relations of both states, they still need agreements to improve the cooperation level in the current condition.

Karbasi noted due to the restrictions because of the pandemic, economic relations are necessary to continue by using virtual capacity and it is also necessary economic activists and investors of booth countries to be supported more, and a reference should be set up for settling the disputes.

He further said that auto-making, apparel and textile, home appliances, energy and petrochemical sectors are of major fields for bilateral cooperation.

Meanwhile Turkish Commercial Attache Mr. Oskay, for his part, emphasized that deepening economic ties have great impact on political ties.

He then pointed to the raised problems by Mr. Karbasi regarding delay in passage of trucks in the joint borders as well as customs formalities, adding that Turkey’s Trade Ministry will pursue these issues and would take necessary actions.

He admitted that the health protocols have also created problems for Turkey’s businessmen and they are facing with return of 15 percent of their exported goods from the borders. But he reiterated that these problems can be solved through mutual cooperation.

Oskay noted that developing the preferential tariffs is important for Turkey and Turkey’s Trade Ministry presented its proposed list of the goods to Iran in July.

He stated that Turkish economic activists are eager to invest in investment and expanding business in the field of mines in all provinces of Iran and especially in Isfahan, Fars and Yazd but they need to get familiar with the existing investment opportunities.

Oskay went on to say that Turkey’s small and medium-sized companies can take advantage of capacities in Iran for investment and it needs promotion and propagation about advantages of the investment.