China Disappointed by Trump , Concerned About Biden
China Disappointed by Trump , Concerned About Biden
Perhaps it is too soon to have conclusive remarks regarding when and in what condition Joe Biden will take office in the White House

China Disappointed by Trump , Concerned About Biden

Perhaps it is too soon to have conclusive remarks regarding when and in what condition Joe Biden will take office in the White House, but what is definite is the climate of conceding the defeat in Donald Trump’s team is gradually providing the ground for crossing the current tension in Washington.


Of course, in this condition that China has made the most due to Trump’s unbalanced behavior, the country is also waiting for a smart, lasting and deep approach regarding way of cooperation with the U.S. President-Elect Biden. Of course, I should mention that in the past, it was usually thought that leaders of Communist Party of China preferred the U.S. Republican Party president-elects for cooperation or in their political ping-pong policy due to this reasoning that Republican Party pays less attention to the human rights issues and pays attention mostly to protecting the economic and trade interests of their country. But it is obvious that Trump has not been a conventional and normal Republican and has not been what the Chinese expected, and without any doubt we can say that he is not even considered as the flag-bearer of declaring the violation of human rights in China.

That unlike the White House strategy in Trump’s term, Biden will get close to Europe without any delay is and will be the source of concern for China because close coordination between EU and the U.S., regarding the policies related to rein China in the fields like technology, climate change, trade and human rights, is not in favor of China President Xi Jinping. Of course, it should be noted that so far EU member states have resisted against the Trump Administration demand for their support of the U.S. in its more confrontation with China. But Biden’s alignment with Europe will enjoy even deeper cooperation between the U.S. and EU.

During Trump’s era the ground for alignment rolled towards a strategic division with Europe insofar as Europe mulled to gear up for forming an army independent from the NATO because of their concern about Trump’s re-election. For European countries, which are supporters of confronting with authoritarianism and advancing the five-year and even long-term strategic plans, Trump’s policies were an annoying nightmare. But it is expected Biden with employing the past experiences to take more vigorous stances in alignment with Europe regarding Beijing.

China could pursue its interests very well against Washington’s haplessness and indecisiveness by gradual reinforcing its strategic position in the Southeast Asia, reinforcement of Communist Party in China and taking decisive policies in Hong Kong and Xinjiang. The most key offensive attitude of China in Southeast Asia region has been the U.S. uncertainty in taking any retaliatory action and ultimately letting down the strategy leading to weakening of the transatlantic unity and decline in the U.S. world leadership influence that China has made most of it in favor of itself.

The U.S. during Trump presidency has been obsessed with domestic economic woes, the outbreak of devastating COVID-19 and political party conflicts. Hence, it provided China with a golden opportunity to bring back normal life to restaurants and theaters in Beijing. On the other hand, the competition between superpowers of Beijing and Washington has increased heavy pressure on China’s economy. Trump’s undiplomatic stances advanced insofar as it might have led to confiscation of China’s strategic reserves in the U.S., and above all, a physical war between both states. The leadership of China Communist Party probably was very sensitive regarding who was to take office in the White House.

As I explained, considering all developments in recent years, sudden drastic changes in the U.S. policies have never been favorable for China. It is expected the relation of both countries in Biden’s era to become colder and even to reduce diplomatically. By the way, Biden’s victory will be an essential turn on course to improve the current transatlantic relations. This point will have great impact on the U.S. and Europe relation.

Europeans have always believed that perhaps seemingly Beijing liked Trump to be re-elected for more four years in office and their reasoning is based on this point that China had made the most out of the U.S. confusion regarding protection of its global hegemony in the past four years. So re-election of Trump could be a proof for Beijing’s claim that western democracy had declined morally and it had no capability to confront the environmental problems, laying the diplomatic grounds and even being unable to manage a contagious disease in the country.

Anyway, today China with failure of Trump in his re-election has become disappointed and is concerned about the behavior of the next U.S. government and it will actually draw up different scenarios to prevent any development which may happen in the future. And that we, as the Islamic Republic of Iran, tend to have more cooperation with China in our future strategy is in line with safeguarding and reinforcing the resistance axis and weakening the West in the West Asia which will be itself a spotless strategy.

  By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS