Biden’s Helplessness for Cooperation With Zarif
Biden’s Helplessness for Cooperation With Zarif
Nowadays some people have put in front of themselves Iran Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif’s recollections with the U.S. Democrat President-elect Joe Biden and are constantly reviewing them

Biden’s Helplessness for Cooperation With Zarif

Nowadays some people have put in front of themselves Iran Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif’s recollections with the U.S. Democrat President-elect Joe Biden and are constantly reviewing them, and try to delight themselves that Biden can help Zarif to restore his lost reputation during the nuclear talks, the JCPOA. But and definitely, even if Biden can move into the White House sooner than experts’ expectations and takes the helm of the White House, the only thing that he can do for Zarif is to lift the travel sanctions on him for entering the U.S. or to give him and his family U.S. passports in order that Zarif could get rid of consular procedures for getting visa like he once had in Turkey.


Perhaps it comes to one’s mind that I am analyzing it pessimistically, but we should consider this point that if we go back and review our historical memory, Zionist lobbying has always had deeper influence and cast its shadow over the U.S. Democratic Party. This deep influence shows us that Biden without setting conditions which are decided by the Zionists will not reach an agreement to rejoin the JCPOA.

If we do not even look at it through the eyes of the Americans, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in his deep and strategic speech on November 3 and on the occasion of the birthday anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which also coincided with National Day of Fighting Arrogance said, “Our strategy is the same and it will not change with the change of the individuals.”

So, one can realize that the road to the JCPOA will be blocked as far as we are concerned and even if we assume (It is impossible to assume that it is not impossible( that the U.S. with apologizing  for its former President Donald Trump’s behavior and rejoins the JCPOA without any preconditions, this time this is us who would refuse rejoining the JCPOA. By the way, our condition now comparing to the past has changed drastically because Trump with its malignant , vicious and unjust peace plan tried to convince Arab states to normalize ties with the Quds Occupier regime (Israel).

This normalization, for thousand reasons like ignoring fair Palestinians’ rights, was vicious and malignant because it both sparked the anger of Palestinians and caused the hidden and open shame of the Arab leaders loyal and committed to the ideals of Palestinians in the public opinion of the region by the normalization.

Today the resistance camp has different expectation from us. The least expectation is that we do not easily give in to negotiations with the U.S. and in fact we should not turn our frown, regarding the treacherous Arabs’ ignoring the ideals of resistance and Palestine, into a smile. But Zionist regime will strive to put on the agenda its efforts for normalization, and in this stage to reach an aligned understanding for improving or at least keeping the current normalization relation with Arabs. Of course, it will make the condition for the U.S. for talks with Iran more difficult.

By the way in Iran, the 12th government (the ruling government), which unfortunately has trespassed all redlines in the past and caused relation with the U.S. through the collective framework (P5+1) and pretext, does not have its past position to move in this direction to boost its survival, and its life will not last too long in order that it can re-ignore the redlines easily like the past. So neither the foreign ministry nor President Hassan Rouhani’s government has any appropriate ground for repeating the trespass from the Supreme Leader’s demands.

Of course, this truth is very understandable that Biden’s collaboration with Europe and his announcement of easing of Iran sanctions in the oil and banking sectors would put the government and likely the establishment and even the Leader in a tough choosing condition. So tackling with the seemingly beautiful but deceptive concessions of Europe and regroup of P5+1 will become a little bit complicated and difficult, especially China and Russia are in this group. China needs a strategy for getting closer to Biden to lessen the tensions which costs others, and Russia should rebuild its relation with Biden in reducing its past events and connection with Trump.

That analysis of the future condition is somewhat complicated is not important and I am sure that today we predominate the political condition of the region and the world. Definitely, we will change the scenario with the subtlest condition into the favor of Iranian people’s condition, and of course, this is in a condition that we have to wait and see how Biden enters the White House after settling the election dispute, and how the U.S. strategy in its current Coronavirus condition, its declining economy and internal chaos due to polarization could survive and gets ready to come out of this condition.

  By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS