21st Century, Living With State Terrorism
21st Century, Living With State Terrorism
The operation for assassination of Brigadier General Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, as the follow-up of other terrors against scientists who have been active in the nuclear or defensive sciences

21st Century, Living With State Terrorism

The operation for assassination of Brigadier General Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, as the follow-up of other terrors against scientists who have been active in the nuclear or defensive sciences, is per se considered a new and strange message on the threshold of 2021. Although in principle one cannot disregard terrorism in these years in the world without pointing to the evils becoming common.


In the past century, if someone was assassinated, it was considered as a filthy, inhuman and unjust act in the views of the public in the world but today, governments themselves are founders and planners of measures, getting man’s understanding away from the filths of their acts. In the daytime and with the money of a certain current some people are organized to deprive people or even a nation of their security and to shed blood for their own goals (Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi Arabian dissident, is an example).

If we review the past years literature, we meet this point that over hundreds  of books and thousands of articles have been written and complied regarding denouncement of  the act of assassination and all people in the world once upon a time used to consider this act as inhuman one.

Today they kill someone who is a scientist, university teacher and instructor of science of technology in Iran out of jealousy and resentment, and the Secretary General of the so-called United Nations is not even ready to condemn this abominable act. In his opinion, governments are entitled to meet their goals through killing of innocent people.

Today’s world literature calls Hezbollah community or Palestinians as terrorists but it does translate the killing of an innocent people who merely serves science and his people as terrorism. But we believe one cannot consider as terrorist those who (like Palestinians) fight for liberation of their occupied lands and their most basic rights.

Support of popular struggle against foreign occupiers and domination of colonialism as well as the right for military fight and self-defense against the occupiers have been approved and recognized in the UN documents and charters but the current UN officials have disregarded them especially when they rely on their own personal interests regarding to implementation of those charters. Some UN General Assembly resolutions from 1972 to 1991 have emphasized this issue. Despite this fact, since 1994 and in all of approvals of the UN, the liberation movements have not been excluded from the terrorist activities, and since 1996 there have been some theories that disregarding this distinction means it is not an issue for the UN. Today the world public conscience never accepts the defense of the people displaced from their lands to be called terrorist act. Of course, supposing that the acts of these groups are considered a manly act, they should also be conducted like military men and they should be committed to the international human rights and humanitarian rights. For example, they should not hurt civilian and children for their acts, or the military measures against them should be proportionate to the goals.

According to what is said as definition of state terrorism, major evidences of state terrorism can easily be seen in the U.S. and its newbie state, Zionist regime. To enumerate the terrorist acts of these two states, it may need hundreds of books to be compiled. In the 21st Century, the application of the terms “terror” and “terrorism” have been used more than the 20th Century, and it is because of emergence of violent encounters between political parties and different groups in one country or sabotaging in a foreign country by assistance of an individual, a group or a foreign country.

The expression of “state terrorism” is a newly used one. Some countries accuse other governments of state terrorism. Different understandings from this term and its contradiction with individual or group terrorism adds on to its significance. Terror in Persian language has been defined as a political murder with a gun. This word has been borrowed from the French in Persian and it means panic in French.  Terrorist which has been driven from “terror” means the one who intends to create panic and fear. This term in today’s common Persian language is used for a person who commits a political murder.

In the history of French Revolution, this term had a special meaning and it had two connotations: First, it meant taking tough measures and methods against the revolutionaries. Secondly, it was the name of some periods of the history of the French Revolution and has been used as its first connotation was common.

Today this word and in the political terminology means any kind of act which is used for advancing certain goals through resorting to creation of panic and fear. According to some writers, terrorism means the belief to the necessity of killing, threat and creating panic among the people to achieve the political goals or toppling the government and to take the control of the government or handing it over to other groups which have been in the consideration. This belief is usually inspired by the main tool of Fascism, Machiavellianism and the like schools.

In Islam, the act of terror has been totally rejected. Even in the wars with enemies, those who had no arms in their hands were not attacked. We have repeatedly seen in the films and texts that one whose sward is broken in the fight is given another sward by his rival to continue fight in a fair manner which is considered a human behavior but today the U.S. Administration, according to Mrs. Clinton and Donald Trump, organizes Daeshi currents who behead innocent people in the cities and villages. They target the vehicle carrying Martyr Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani and his comrades to assassinate them by military drone and officially proclaims this operation proudly and they do not consider any shame for such a common disgrace.

To sum up the definitions given about the terrorism, it is to be said that terrorism is a term which means using all illegal and violent tools for exerting pressure against a government or a nation in order to achieve a certain goal.

Illegal tools and equipment usually lead to panic and fear, and the certain goals also include political, economic, social, cultural, etc. So with this explanation, the world is moving in the direction of becoming a jungle rather than a civilization.

  By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS