The Decline of the USA
The Decline of the USA
TEHRAN, Oct. 27 (MNA) – Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council said that the new US-Israeli plan to blockade Iran will face a major defeat in the region.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Mohsen Rezaei made the remarks in the International Conference of “The Decline of the USA, Past Trends and Future Changes” on Tuesday. “The issue of the US’ decline is related to our nation and Establishment for several reasons. The first reason is that the US is a great obstacle to the progress of our nation. A regime that has hindered the progress of Iranian nation for many years before the Islamic Revolution and for more than 40 years after the Revolution,” he said.

“During the last 200 years, when Europe and the United States came to West Asia, they have treated all the countries in the region, especially Iran, from the position of master and servant. Trump’s ugly interpretation of dealing with Saudi rulers has been one of the bitter scenes of humiliation of Muslim nations,” he added.

Rezaei highlighted, “Today, their selfish behavior has taken hold of them, and their arrogance and selfishness have reached such a level that they put their knees on neck of their people, attacking their lives and property, and disrespecting their personalities.”

“Their economies are also declining in breathtaking competition with other economies,” he noted.

“The new US-Israeli plan to blockade Iran will face a major defeat in the region,” he added, saying, “The political crisis in the United States and countries like France indicates a philosophical, ideological and value crisis in the West.”

“The Decline of the USA”

“Hearing the news of the secession of some states from the US and even making predictions such as becoming the Commonwealth Unions indicates the collapse of the US,” said Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council, stressing, “The political system is oppressive in the US and the lack of justice along with freedom of action will lead to their downfall.”

“Freedom and authority without justice has become a civil oppression and a violation of the rights of the people in the world,” Rezaei said, adding, “Many factors contributed to the decline of the United States, but the most important was the lack of fundamental right theories in Western civilization.”

“American thinking in running the country and their emphasis on sanctions has jeopardized the interests of our nation,” he noted.

Rezaei said, “US pressure on Iran is not new. They have hindered our progress in continuation of the Western belief that the Islamic world should not progress.”

“The Decline of the USA”

Regarding the impact of Joe Biden’s victory in the US elections and the resolution of sanctions problems if he has been elected, “The future of the United States will have serious crises after the election.”

“Anyone who is elected as new US President, must first apologize to the Iranian people for the recent sanctions and then make up for the damage caused by the sanctions,” he stressed.

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