Macron Is Symbol of Today’s Freemasonry
Macron Is Symbol of Today’s Freemasonry
Profanity against the sanctity and enlightening teacher of ethics for humanity, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),

Macron Is Symbol of Today’s Freemasonry

Profanity against the sanctity and enlightening teacher of ethics for humanity, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), cannot have come out of a mouth which has a hand in with the culture, ethics, science and sociology with affection and kindness.


Today French President Emanuel Macron has turned into a symbol out of what one can call it culture and civilization. Today in the world, who is that does not consider Macron as a marionette of civilization-evading nature of the same material of its predecessor Masonry? What today has caused French President’s anti-Islamism, and the current, which has employed him for implementing this very  inauspicious way, knows it well that today it is the era of Islam, and the young and the old in the world the more they become educated, the more they take shelter in a belief which promotes nothing but ethics and love and affection, and today all the world know that anti-Islamism is a baseless project which has failed from its root.

The Satanic scenario of anti-Islamism, which has kickstarted recently with repetition of the derogatory act by the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo and publishing defamatory cartoons on the dear Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) followed by the support of the hapless, unwise, lowbrow and adventurist French president, has entered a new stage, and this stage of enlightening the world opinion, which is put forward with the flag of the so-called anti-Islamism, paves the ground for joining of very large number of world people to Islam.

Today the big contradiction in the West like the flag-bearer of the so-called, freedom of expression in Europe is seen more vividly than ever for its covering of its failure in cultural basics resulted from its false and bankrupt liberalism in preventing the spread of the culture of Islam and tendency of western citizens to the perspicuous religion of Islam and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Who is, with the least study, that doesn’t know that Islam and Muslims today are more committed to Jesus Christ than Christians especially the government agents in the west?

Muslims know Christ as the close ally of their Imam Mahdi (A). Freemasons have never believed in Christ and they have used his name as a tool for befooling the people in their governance. Muslims consider their Prophet, who has brought the true and undistorted history of Christ, as the sign of blessing for all Divine religions and humanity of today.

Muslim people worldwide react to this unethical insult by launching protests and condemning it in the Islamic and non-Islamic societies against this stupid act of French President, and with boycotting French-made products, and consider it a new era of rise of global tendency to Islam, and they call it an opportunity for exposing the behind-the-scene reasons, Zionist factors and Freemasons in insulting the Islamic sanctities.

The leaders of hegemony system and Zionists, who are the main supporters of the extremist and takfiri currents as well as generating horror and violence in the world, will not be able to save the crisis-ridden and anti-humanity West from the self-made quagmire of anti-spirituality, and undoubtedly in the not-too-distant future, they will face with more deserved responses from the Islamic ummah rather than only boycotting the goods and protests in the streets.

Today according to the acknowledgements of teachers of the reputed European universities, birth of new generation of truth-seeking youths in all universities of the world like French university Sorbonne has driven Western government nuts.

Many groups of people, from Jews and Christians to Catholics and others have set the modus operandi of the Islamic Republic of Iran as the base for their thought, and they basically fight continuously with the ruling Freemasons. The number of prisoners of this struggle is confidentially in the hands of individuals who have chosen the Islamic Republic of Iran as their confident.

Today in the fake cradle of the so-called liberty, some thought is suppressed which predisposes the Re-Appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (A) in the world. The failure of foundations based on the thought and promotion of American, British and French Lodge (basic organizational unit of Freemasonry) has been revealed in anger of people like Macron.

Who is that is aware of the current condition in the world and does not see the hidden layers of the presence, mixed with anger, of Zionism and Freemasons in this divergence from liberalism in the structures of European parties? Today all of what is about to happen is in full accordance with written narrations of Re-Appearance of the Savior.

Nations are more awake so that Masonism can take them as its slaves. Hearts are clear and aware and see the dawn very near despite the night-lover bats have lurked in the darkness. People like Macron should also wait and see and taste the result of what has been poured out of their stinking existence.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS