“JCPOA Plus” Through Americans’ Eyes
“JCPOA Plus” Through Americans’ Eyes
The U.S. presidential election is to be held in a condition that each one of the two major candidates has not missed talking about Iran

“JCPOA Plus” Through Americans’ Eyes

According To Iran News, The U.S. presidential election is to be held in a condition that each one of the two major candidates has not missed talking about Iran in their debates and rallies. Of course Iran issue is not just limited to this year’s election campaign.

In every edition of the U.S. election, one of the dominant issues in the debates has been the approach regarding dealing with Iran which has been used as a criterion for propagation and winning the votes of American people, and of course the pro-political parties’ media have been, and are still, the leaders of stoking such conditions. This issue, since the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979 and in the almost the almost past four decades, has been repeated 11 times and each time during any round election campaign.

Perhaps this topic has come under the spotlight by the U.S. media in the current condition because in the past seven years, Iran’s leaning towards Europe has revealed the intra-conflicts in the Western camp with deeper crack, especially Europe and the U.S. The most evident crack can be seen in two different ways in dealing with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

U.S. President Donald Trump and his like-minded allies even during Barack Obama’s presidency had emphasized that the next government would resist accepting the JCPOA but Iranians acted naively and did not take it seriously.

But today and on the threshold of the presidential campaign clash between Mr. Trump and his Democrat rival Joe Biden, this issue has become more serious. On one hand, Trump in his campaign threatens that with a stricter policy, Iran would start negotiations after the election, and on the other hand, the Democrats have revealed their decision that should they succeed in the election they will be after a complement to the JCPOA. U.S. Democrat Senator Robert Menendez has acknowledged that even before the pullout of the U.S. from the JCPOA, the French had been after completing the JCPOA. Despite being a Democrat, Menendez has been one of the opponents of the Obama government’s stance regarding nuclear deal with Iran and at the time of striking the deal, he openly and officially said, “I know that even our closest allies, namely, those who currently have close relations with us (he meant UK and France) know that it is necessary the JCPOA to be built on other topics even without believing that the JCPOA is the beginning and the end of the works needed to be done. The reality is that it needs more works to be done.”

Menendez meant France’s intention for completing the JCPOA talks which were held between European countries and Mr. Trump before the U.S. pullout of the nuclear deal. During those talks, the French suggested proposed the U.S. the Complementary Agreement on the JCPOA which had included some proposals for reaching agreements on the missile programs and regional activities of Iran.

Regarding the U.S. rejoining the JCPOA, Biden has said he would be after an agreement beyond the JCPOA. In a response to a question of a reporter regarding Biden’s view, Menendez says, “Look, I think Biden will also face with realities which show Iran nuclear agreement and its perishable contents are today a more important issue till the time the U.S. rejoins it.” He then adds, “The truth is that any government comes to power will face this reality that Iran has moved more towards developing its arms, conducted more tests on ballistic missiles and it has become skillful in it and it still continues its destructive activities.”

On the probable agreement that Biden is after reaching it with Iran, Menendez believes, “We should call it JCPOA Plus because the truth is that we will need an agreement beyond the JCPOA for confronting challenges with Iran.”

So with such remarks it is very natural that Iran’s stand regarding election of one of these two rivals as the U.S. President to be the same because both of them are not to rejoin the deal that they have signed. Both parties are captive in the claws of Zionist regime policies. It is impossible that the U.S., because of losing its self-confidence since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, can make an independent decision from the interests and policies of Tel Aviv.

Today the JCPOA Plus in the eyes of Americans is a step forward on course of toppling the Islamic Republic establishment and one can see it very well among minor and major remarks and decisions in the pillars of the two major American political parties.