Where Does Lebanon Go With PM Adib?
Where Does Lebanon Go With PM Adib?
Comparison of Lebanon’s demographic texture with any country will get man to no similarity in any part of the world.

Where Does Lebanon Go With PM Adib?

Comparison of Lebanon’s demographic texture with any country will get man to no similarity in any part of the world. Lebanon’s economy is totally different from most economies in the world. Politics in Lebanon with political party condition in most countries is different. Social relations in Lebanon is even different from what is in its neighboring states. So if we see some incidents happen in Lebanon which have not happened to us, Iranians, or even other similar countries, we should only consider these events specific to this country.


The blast in Beirut has imposed a dear cost on Lebanon that the country and its government have to cope with its pains and plights. Geopolitical position of Lebanon will not let other countries stop coveting Lebanon and the Lebanese. And all of these factors lay the ground for a management that every now and then has faced unexpected incidents and it still faces and will face them.

The role of Lebanese president in administering the country is very sensitive and crucial and this creates some kind of structural difference in the short, mid- and long term strategies. March 14 Movement with support of Saudis and the French has sometimes had upper hand in Lebanon and nomination of Mustapha Adib is one of those winning cards.

Almost all nations in the region especially the Lebanese themselves are fully aware that Adib with a French-oriented background is a full-scale French so that Élysée Palace considers him as its own agent especially Adib has French citizenship and his wife is French and his father-in-law is of the men close to the Elyse Palace.

Adib is an academic and is not well known among the public. Adib has a PhD in law and political science and has taught at the state-funded Lebanese and French universities. He pursued his career in teaching at Beirut War College in 2000 and has also taught subjects including Public international law, Constitutional law, International relations and Geopolitics at various universities in Lebanon and France. He was appointed as the full time professor at the Lebanese University. He has also been he became the President of the Centre of Strategic Studies for the Middle East (CESMO)  and since then had conducted numerous studies with the UN, Generic Center for Civilian Control of Armed Forces. Now with such a background he has been nominated for the premiership in Lebanon and forming a cabinet. While the French have presented him as their winning card for Lebanon’s premiership and forming the new cabinet, there are some “do’s and don’ts” in front of Adib for taking office which cast doubt on his success in forming the government. These ambiguities cause conflicts between national and religious parties and religious minorities.

Condition in Lebanon today is more sensitive and critical than Rafic Hariri’s era. Zionist regime’s glittering eyes, and armed teeth and gnashing sound of enmities from its wicked neighbor states are evident. Hizbullah has found a different scene of action and Lebanese people adore Hizbullah but Western moves open the scene for excitation of the youths in Lebanon. Recently, Spokesperson for the United States Department of State Morgan Ortagus in her fully interventionist remarks has said that the U.S. would not accept presence of Hizbullah in Lebanon’s government. This enormity and rudeness indicates that the U.S. has elements in Lebanon who are probably considered as mercenaries of CIA or the U.S. government who try to impose their will and measures for forming a full secular government in Lebanon.

Political analysts and experts familiar with Lebanon’s affairs say that nomination of Adib has been backed by the club of Lebanese Prime Ministers (Saad Hariri, Najib Mikati, Foud Siniora and Tammam Salam) and it means support and approval of most currents and wings of Sunnis with premiership of Adib despite knowing this fact that loyalty of Adib to Mikati will stop him from having special relations with Saad Hariri and Tammam Salam.

Shiite currents, which are formed by two movements of Hizbullah and Amal, have attached great importance to the peace in Lebanon regarding the designation of Adib, and their silence and companion means implicit approval of Adib’s nomination for premiership, and forming the cabinet especially because Hizbulah has a pleasant background and record from Adib because he tried hard to stop Hizbullah from being designated as a terrorist group when he was Lebanon’s ambassador in Germany. He also had a very important role to stop Hizbullah being condemned despite the U.S. and Zionist regime’s lobbying when he was in Berlin.

In case Adib succeeds in forming a cabinet, it likely provides the return of a relative balance of power in Lebanon and if this balance does not conflict with the Zionist regime’s policies, it can bring peace and calm to Lebanon for years and it can, to a certain extent, reconstruct the ruins in Beirut.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS