The U.S. Lacked , and Still Lacking Self-Confidence
The U.S. Lacked , and Still Lacking Self-Confidence
Sovereignty of political parties in the U.S. makes the policy-making periods very short and even restricts them only to the level of four-year term strategic plans.

The U.S. Lacked , and Still Lacking Self-Confidence

Sovereignty of political parties in the U.S. makes the policy-making periods very short and even restricts them only to the level of four-year term strategic plans.


If we think that life span of some governments in the U.S. is 8 years, again we have not been wrong to say that effective parameters on the sidelines of elections make the White House residents take their own stand and exert their own taste and will.

Let’s have a look to Barack Obama’s performance in two terms of his being in office who said goodbye to the White House nearly four years ago. His two terms were totally different. Every candidate usually tries to attach more importance to Zionist current’s needs and views in order not to damage his/her re-election for the second term. So the U.S. interactions with the countries like Russia and China are usually different in the second term comparing to the first one. In the second term, governments in the U.S. are more risk-seeker. The U.S. governments in their first terms are usually weakling and are more impressionable to the Zionist lobbying.

If we have a look at Donald Trump’s behavior in the first term, we see his coquettish acts for the Quds Occupier Regime to please it. Moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Quds (Jerusalem) and lobbying for the Deal of the Century and recent agreements between Bahrain and the UAE with Occupier Regime are all considered as his coquettish acts for his re-election.

If we are to analyze the hegemonic character of the U.S., in implementing the streaming in the world, it has always played by reliance on the others’ cards. Let’s look at the formation of the NATO; it shows how the U.S. needs and relies on the support of others to head the organization.

Before Swiss Foreign Minister’s visit to Tehran for submitting the U.S. messages, Swiss Ambassador to Tehran Mr. Markus Leitner, who is considered as the man in charge of the U.S. interests section in Iran, contacted with the office of the newspaper and called for an appointment for talks and it was arranged. During his meeting we talked for nearly two hours.

After the common greetings, I asked him whether he wanted the meeting to be official by filming or covering it in the newspaper but he preferred the meeting to be an informal one as he wanted to talk to know me in-person because of editorials that I write in the newspaper and he reflects them to the Swiss Foreign Ministry. Of course he was not alone and a lady who was the third person in the embassy was accompanying him and noting down the details of our chats.

In the meeting Mr. Leitner said that my approach and stand was similar to the state-run newspaper and I was forced to explain him that if he looked at our stances in English daily Iran News with more precision, he would find that Iran News, before being a pro-government,  supported the Islamic Revolution and the Supreme Leader’s stances, and of course we defended the government’s stances  beyond our borders and if the Islamic Revolution’s interests were at stake, we did not hesitate criticizing. I added, “But our macro stand and policy in 26 years of existence of the newspaper has always been to support the resistance front and international stances of the Islamic establishment because it’s my heartfelt belief as a revolutionary person and I emphasized that the newspaper has actually never been pro-governments and has kept its independence in different periods despite paying the price for it.” While the atmosphere was getting cozy and friendly, Mr. Leitner said whether he could ask me as a pro-revolution person who is active in the private sector of Iran the question about what my opinion was about the ties between Iran and the U.S., I was to force to smile and to have some introduction that this very introduction became the reason to me to refer to my meeting with Swiss Ambassador. I told him that Americans were not after restoring ties and they were making more profit from this dispute.  I added, “They frighten Arabs to milk them. Essentially, Americans in the West Asia have been either in alignment with the British or Zionist regime’s policies. A historical recollection shows that behind the decisions of their governments, Americans believe that there is no chance for success without advice.”

I noted, “Let’s have a look to the oil saga during Iran’s Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq’s era in the summer time of 1953. Mosaddeq threw Shah out of the country who was then totally pro-British and began talks with the Americans for oil deal. American first accepted the deal but they realized that they should not mess with the British and they brought back Shah to Iran with assistance of Shah’s sister and the British and betrayed Mosaddeq who had befriended them. This means that Americans are not independent and they need an advisor. They do not have self-confidence. Their words are not their own.”

Richard Helms was the U.S. Ambassador to Tehran before the Islamic Revolution. Documents and remarks show that Helms did not take any action before getting the nod from British Ambassador to Tehran. William Sullivan was U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s ambassador to Tehran. Shapoor Ardeshir had appointed him as his senior economic advisor and the ambassador had given him a room in the U.S. Embassy.

During the nuclear negotiations and signing the JCPOA, U.S. President Obama was subordinated to Britain and Trump left the JCPOA because of Israel’s wish. All these evidences show that the U.S. is not independent and it also lacks enough self-confidence to make an independent decision. So it is clear that today due to conditions in both countries restoration of political relation is impossible.

Any sane man with two classes of education can realize “What cannot be completely attained, should not be completely left.” This is not my words and it is Hazrat Ali (First Imam of Shiites) (A)’s words. Hazrat Ali in his remarks says fulfilling some part of an assignment that the assignee is unable to do cannot be left because of its difficulty and impossibility. This rule is both rational and juridical.

In other words, Americans stabbed themselves with dagger as they have neither political nor economic relations. If they quietly had asked American oil companies to go and to take charge of projects in South Pars oil and gas field in Iran, there had been no ballyhoo that Americans have suffered a defeat nor had they been deprived of presence in an economic climate in Iran.

In this condition the lady who was accompanying Swiss Ambassador and taking notes shook her head in confirmation of my remarks. Some part of my talks with Mr. Ambassador passed with talking that one current did not rule in the U.S. and finally our meeting ended with a memorial photo.

In fact I believe Europeans, from UK to France, and in the competition with Zionist regime do not let Americans have relations with Iran. The U.S. for hundreds of reasons has not had enough self-confidence and will not either have for entering the market of the region without getting their approval and the major hinder is mainly its allies.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS