September 21, the Grand Maneuver of Asia
September 21, the Grand Maneuver of Asia
September 31 coincides with the anniversary of the Sacred Defense in the Islamic Republic of Iran and in this year’s anniversary, Iran is to partake in a joint military exercises

September 21, the Grand Maneuver of Asia

September 31 coincides with the anniversary of the Sacred Defense in the Islamic Republic of Iran and in this year’s anniversary, Iran is to partake in a joint military exercises, code-named Caucus 2020, with a number of other countries in southern Russia.


According to the statement of China’s Defense Ministry, troops from Armenia, Belarus, Myanmar and Pakistan along with troops from China, Russia and Iran and probably some more neighboring states are to take part in the military drill, code-named Caucus 2020” which will be held from September 21 to 26.

Holding Asian military maneuvers are worrisome for the Western bloc because in a military drill which was earlier held in cooperation and coordination of Russia, China and Iran in the Sea of Oman and some part of the Indian Ocean, Americans and Europeans in their confidential bulletins that small part of it has been revealed in the media have totally expressed their concerns. Although some experts evaluated Sea of Oman drill as an action for saving the NATO from the collapse, the grandeur of the drill and its initiative had brought along great evaluations, too.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in a press conference announced that the Caucus 2020 would be conducted in southern Russia and nine countries would be involved in the drill. The importance of this maneuver or better to say military drill lies in this point that the process of strategic unity in protecting the joint borders is fully provided in this correlation and it will wipe out the ground for any sinister plot in this region.

We have not forgotten that it has not passed too long from the massive propagations of the U.S. in the Persian Gulf that it was to shape a military coalition in the region, but the bravery and wisdom and prudence of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army forces and its interaction with China and Russia through holding the biggest military drill in the Sea of Oman baffled the planner mind of enemies of this idea.

The policies of escape forward of enemy in creating unity between Zionist regime and Arabs and using these fragile countries as shields, inevitably make Iran show its regional power so that enemy fully knows that the process for making the region insecure for sinister goals will not be left unanswered.

The Islamic Republic of Iran for years has always reiterated that, for the security of north of the Indian Ocean, Sea of Oman, the Strait of Hormuz and Persian Gulf and today Caucasian region and Caspian Sea region as one of the most important international security issues, it attaches great importance, and in the past years the country’s approach has been so in the region that countries in the region in cooperation with one another can provide security for the region, and presence of countries like the U.S. or Zionist Regime instead of restoring peace and security will be the source of insecurity.

During the previous joint drill with Russia and China, U.S. Defense Department (Pentagon) Spokesman Sean Robertson in reaction to the drill said, “We are aware of the multilateral exercise being conducted between Iran, China and Russia in the Arabian Sea. We are monitoring it and will continue to work with our partners and allies to ensure freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce in international waterways,” while the drill was being conducted for safety and security of vessels and the Pentagon Spokesman, whether knowingly or unknowingly, aligned with the goal of the drill.

It is predicted during the upcoming military drill which is to be conducted by the aligned powerful forces on the ground, the sea and in the air, NATO would show more worrisome reactions, and it would lay the ground for their withdrawal from their policies of interference because economies of the Western countries have been and are so involved with resolving the consequence of the Coronavirus that any tension, either psychological or else, would mess up their balance and mind.

That the hegemony and power of the regional states lays the ground for restoring security in the region is an indisputable and obvious fact. We should wait and watch the preparation of the groundwork for emergence of a tremendous unity in the West Asia in order to see how this new-found military drill extends this authority to the territorial integrity and internal security of countries from Lebanon to the borders of  Korea and Japan.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS