Iran Urges Need for US Withdraw from Iraq
Iran Urges Need for US Withdraw from Iraq
Ali Shamkhani on Sunday discussed a range of issues with visiting Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, including the need for the US military to withdraw from Iraq.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani on Sunday discussed a range of issues with visiting Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, including the need for the US military to withdraw from Iraq.

In the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on bilateral, regional and international issues.

“Dialogue and regional cooperation are the best ways to establish lasting stability and security,” Shamkhani noted.

The top security official touched upon regional countries’ potential to establish stability through talks and cooperation without the interference of ultra-regional powers, and highlighted the necessity of cooperation among all regional states.

Shamkhani referred to Israel’s ongoing scheme to normalize its relations with more regional countries, and said the plan merely aims to secure full domination over the region.

“This trend, which is a major act of betrayal and a gross violation of Palestinian people’s rights, will not only fuel insecurity and sow discord among regional countries, but pose serious danger to the existence of compromising countries,” said Shamkhani.

He described Tehran-Baghdad agreements as strategically significant.

“By expediting the full implementation of these agreements, the two countries will not only boost reciprocal ties, but present a successful model of all-out cooperation,” he said.

“Shamkhani then noted that Washington’s assassination of top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in Iraq in January is a glaring example of state terrorism.

He said the least severe punishment for perpetrators of this crime is for them to immediately leave the region, especially the country where the crime was committed.

“The Iraqi government is expected to seriously follow up on this cowardly assassination through international circles,” he said.

The top Iraqi diplomat said his country is set to further enhance relations with Iran.

Hussein noted the Iraqi government and people will never forget Tehran’s support and the sacrifices made by Iranian people, especially the youth, to wipe out the scourge of Takfiri terrorism in Iraq.

He said Iran and Iraq are two neighboring countries with friendly ties, long borders and numerous commonalities.

The foreign minister said the eight-year war imposed by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein on Iran in the 1980s failed to drive a wedge between the two nations, which, in turn, is good reason that no foreign country will be able to affect the good relations between the two countries, either.

Protection of diplomatic sites

On Saturday, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held talks with his Iraqi counterpart.

Zarif condemned any assaults on diplomatic installations in Iraq as “unacceptable”, saying such attacks must be stopped.

Zarif, in an English-language tweet, said they discussed “attacks on Iranian diplomatic premises” in Iraq, adding that he had underlined to Hussein the “imperative of protection of diplomatic posts” and the necessity of guaranteeing the dignity and security of Iranian diplomats in Iraq.

Last year, a group of rioters stormed the Islamic Republic’s diplomatic mission in the holy Iraqi city of Najaf and set it ablaze. The Iranian Consulate in the port city of Basra had also been torched the year before as rioters had hijacked protests against economic austerity and corruption.

The heavily-fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, which hosts foreign diplomatic sites and government buildings, have also been frequently targeted by rockets and explosives in the past few years.

The main target of the attacks is said to be the US Embassy, but other missions have also been attacked. In one of the most recent cases earlier this month, which drew Iran’s condemnation as well, an improvised explosive device targeted a British Embassy vehicle returning from Baghdad airport just outside the Green Zone that houses the UK Embassy and other diplomatic missions.

IFP, Press TV and AFP contributed to this story.

  • source : Iran Daily