Iran Calls on Promotion of Ties with EU
Iran Calls on Promotion of Ties with EU
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called for the promotion of economic ties with European countries.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called for the promotion of economic ties with European countries, stressing that bilateral trade should not be affected by the illegal and unilateral US sanctions.

Rouhani on Tuesday received the credentials of several new foreign ambassadors to Tehran, including European envoys from Denmark, Norway, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the Czech Republic.

In the meeting with Danish Ambassador Jesper Vahr, the president hailed the Scandinavian country’s support for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Stressing the need for the promotion of economic and technological cooperation between Tehran and Copenhagen, Rouhani praised the inauguration of a joint medical and pharmaceutical center in Iran amid the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

In another meeting with Norway’s new ambassador, Rouhani highlighted the ample opportunities for economic and scientific cooperation between Tehran and Oslo.

Praising Norway’s support for the 2015 nuclear deal, the Iranian president said its membership in the UN Security Council provides a good opportunity to strengthen global cooperation for peace and stability in the world.

Hans Odo Motzel, Germany’s new ambassador to Tehran also met with Rouhani, who urged that the economic interaction between Tehran and Berlin should grow irrespective of the US’ illegal sanctions.

Hailing Germany’s stances against the US’ unilateralism, the Iranian chief executive said the three European parties to the JCPOA have acted “logically” in dealing with the US’ illegal and incorrect measures and attempts to re-impose the cruel sanctions against the Iranian nation and in supporting the UNSC Resolution 2231.

In another meeting with the new Portuguese ambassador Carlos Antonio Rico Da Costa Nos, Rouhani expressed Iran’s willingness for cooperation with Portugal in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

He also praised Portugal for supporting international law and multilateral agreements, particularly the JCPOA, and opposing unilateralism.

Another foreign diplomat wgo submitted his credentials to the Iranian president was the new ambassador of Spain, Luis Felipe Fernandez de la Pena.

In the meeting, Rouhani said many world countries are struggling with two viruses, namely the coronavirus and the American unilateralism, calling for unity and collective action against the two viruses.

In another meeting, new ambassador of the Czech Republic in Tehran Josef Rychtar submitted his credentials to the president.

Expressing satisfaction with Prague’s support for the Iran nuclear deal and opposition to Washington’s unilateralism, Rouhani stressed the need for the enhancement of bilateral ties without being influenced by the American sanctions.