How to Find the Perfect Place for Dinner in Richmond Hill
How to Find the Perfect Place for Dinner in Richmond Hill
There are a lot of factors that go into making a place perfect for hosting you for dinner. We tried to find these factors and prioritize them.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – There are a lot of factors that go into making a place perfect for hosting you for dinner. We tried to find these factors and prioritize them. Then, we looked into potential dining places in Richmond Hill to see how they were doing in each factor. We tried to find just the perfect place for you to have the dinner you deserve in Richmond Hill, and we did!

Here are the most important factors that affect your dinner experience in a restaurant, brought here in the order of importance.

Ingredient quality

The obvious criteria should be food. The place should serve you good food, obviously! But what does it take for a food to be perfect in every aspect? The most important factor is ingredients. Good food cannot be attained without fresh , high-quality ingredients. The place you go to eat should not be using frozen, smelly meat. A good place gets its meat on a daily basis to be able to cook it fresh. Also for vegetables, they should be used the same day they are bought in order to be fresh when served or cooked. That does make a lot of difference.

Food preparation

Another important aspect of good food is how it is cooked. Having a skilled chef who cooks their own menu, has enough experience in the kitchen, can organize the staff, and has the right people in the staff goes a long way in changing the quality of the food that comes out of the kitchen. The cooks should be trained well to have the proper skill and knowledge needed and know how to cooperate with the chef in the most efficient way.


Now, a lot of what makes your dinner experience happens outside of the kitchen. The place in which you dine and the atmosphere are very important. Nice décor and good background music can turn a dull, boring evening into an exciting one that you will want to recreate. The different elements of the ambiance in the place should be in accordance with each other and the main theme of the place. The volume of the music, if there is any, should be at optimum level – loud enough so that there is a background music felt; yet quiet enough for people to be able to socialize with each other without being disrupted.


The service, as we say, is another criteria that has lots of different aspects to it. There should be enough people in the staff for waiting the tables without making the customers wait more than they need to – which is a really short amount of time, by the way. The staff should be properly trained e.g. the waiters should know the menus well, the bartenders should be fast and precis. The manager, also, should have enough authority on the staff to be able to organize them and get the best out of them.


The variety of foods and drinks are very important, too. This does not mean that a place should have a hundred-page menu! The menus that have too many options in them arise two problems. First, a kitchen has to be ready to prepare every option on the menu and too many options makes the kitchen inefficient. Second, the customer should not be perplexed by the menu. A menu with too many options takes a considerable amount of time and attention to go through and that could be boring for customers. The menu should have just enough options for customers to have open hands, yet short enough not to exhaust them to go through.


Lastly, the place you go to should be fair with their price. Sure, a good meal is not the cheapest meal you can get but it does not have to be the most expensive either. The portions of the foods should be in accordance with the price. Customers should not have to be paying for what they do not need, either.

Based on the variables that were mentioned, we looked through the most popular places in Richmond Hill and evaluated every aspect of their work. Many places had good food, but bad service, overall. Some had a nice ambiance, but the food would disappoint you. Most places used good ingredients but the preparation and presentation of the food was not up there with the best in many of them. Some others were average in every aspect and a few were, let’ say, below average. A handful were good in all categories, but the unnecessarily expensive prices ruled them out. But one place came up at or near the top in every criteria we managed to look into.

We Found the Best Place

Haida Sandwich is arguably the best place you can have dinner in Richmond Hill. Their prices are the best we saw all over Richmond Hill compared to the food and service. The huge portions they offer, paired with very affordable prices makes Haida the place that you can get the most out of your money’s worth.

And to top it off, as the bonus, they have one of the best deliveries. They manage to deliver all these great foods right to your door while still warm and at their best.

So, the next time you want to have a lovely dinner in Richmond Hill, take our advice and give Haida a try if you have not. You will not be disappointed.

  • source : Iran News