French Gov’t Accomplice in Charlie Hebdo’s Crime
French Gov’t Accomplice in Charlie Hebdo’s Crime
French weekly Charlie Hebdo is a satirical weekly known as a far-rightist which hits the news-stands on Wednesdays in France.

French Gov’t Accomplice in Charlie Hebdo’s Crime

French weekly Charlie Hebdo is a satirical weekly known as a far-rightist which hits the news-stands on Wednesdays in France.


The hidden nature of this magazine is Zinonist-oriented and it has a critical rhetoric and it also pursues the hypocritical anti-racism policy with announcing that it pursues anti-religion policy.

Kind of approach, attitude and articles of this magazine is against religions from Islam to Christianity and rarely against Judaism. This magazine has started its German language version since December 1, 2016 with circulation of 200,000 copies for distribution in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Charlie Hebdo first appeared in 1970 as a companion to the monthly Hara-Kiri magazine which was being published between 1960 and 1961 and it was banned several times. The French government first in 1970 banned Hara-Kiri and once banned it at the order of French Interior Minister for mocking the death of former French president Charles de Gaulle. In 1981 its publication ceased, but the magazine was resurrected in 1992 by some of its experienced staff under the new name of Charlie Hebdo (the name is an innuendo to Charles de Gaulle). The number of circulation of the magazine was low and public criticism about the magazine’s low quality content almost closed it down till a group mostly Jews, it is better to say with Zionist intention and support, joined the magazine’s staff and they published new Charlie Hebdo Weekly in 1992.

One of the known goals of the weekly is to spread hatred among ethnics in France first and Europe the next. This weekly has taken a dangerous and at the same time sacrilegious action to incite Muslims’ sentiments so that one is ashamed to go through its content.

Before Charlie Hebdo commits such a flagrant offense, it was first a Danish magazine which had started such a dirty move which faced world Muslims’ anger. Publication of derogatory anti-Islam cartoons first was hit the news-stands some 15 years ago by a Danish newspaper, and one year later, Charlie Hebdo continued publishing derogatory caricature. This offensive action was faced backlashes and faced Muslims’ angry protests. The French weekly by publishing the offensive caricature intended to show “All Muslims are terrorists”.

This weekly in an article on the occasion of re-printing its derogatory caricature rudely emphasized that it would never retreat and would not budge an inch.”

Republication of that offensive cartoon happened on Saturday, September 5, which was brought from the digital version of the weekly into the printed version and it was distributed in the news-stands and infuriated millions of Muslims and wounded their hearts and souls.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in a statement condemned this painful action. All organizations and personalities also condemned it and called it one of the methods of Zionists for fight with the daily growth of Islamic thoughts in the biggest phenomenon, dubbed Islamic Revolution, and warned of its dire consequences. The world witnessed staging protest rallies against this dirty act. On Wednesday and at Imam Hussein Square (A) of Tehran, people gathered to stage a protest gathering in condemnation of this French weekly rudeness and they condemned Charlie Hebdo’s act in a statement with one prelude and five articles as some part of the statement reads as follows:

“1 – We strongly and whole-heartedly express our heartily hatred and anger toward this offensive insult to the word of Allah and sacred realm of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the western countries, and strongly condemn humiliating silence of French officials under pretext of freedom of expression especially French President’s unacceptable justifications for this horrible sacrilegious act.

2 – With full awareness and not being negligent about anti-human plots of the enemy No.1 of the humanity, we still consider the Great Satan and criminal U.S. and its illegitimate child, fake and child-killer Zionist regime as the mother of all corruptions of the century and we consider whatever action that is geared towards Islamophobia and adversarial moves targeting billions of freedom-seeking people’s sanctities to be an outcome of their hostile policies and sinister plots.

3- We call on all international communities and all freedom-seekers and Muslims in the world and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s statesmen especially its Foreign Ministry, by taking strong and decisive stand against the shameful insults regarding the most sacred of all sanctities, the Word of God and Prophet (PBUH), take strong and decisive action and not to be content only with minimum condemnation.

4- Unforgivable betrayal of the doomed UAE leaders and allies of the Great Satan against Islam and Muslims for normalizing humiliating ties with the fake regime and usurper of first Qibla of Muslims is strongly condemned and we warn of repetition of such a crime and unforgiveable betrayal by any other unwise leader of Arab countries.

5- By practical commitment to the progressive principle of Velayat-e Faqih, we consider the secret of grandeur and power of the country of Imam Zaman (A) and bliss of all in the full obedience to the valuable recommendations of great and respected leader of Islamic ummah, and we announce our readiness to fight to death to protect insight, awareness and performing our duties.”

It seems the French Government to shut down this magazine for one year because in the past the weekly has been closed down due to its insult to former French President De Gaulles and if this government does not close the publication for its desecration by resorting to false pretexts like freedom of expression, it is undoubtedly the accomplice of Charlie Hebdo’s crime and it should wait for its consequence and punishment.

By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS