Cruise Missile With Range of 1200km Tested
Cruise Missile With Range of 1200km Tested
Iran’s latest cruise missile, dubbed “Martyr Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, which was test-fired in the first decade of month of Muharram

Cruise Missile With Range of 1200km Tested

Iran’s latest cruise missile, dubbed “Martyr Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, which was test-fired in the first decade of month of Muharram is a cruise missile with the range of 1200 kilometers and if any point of Iran’s borders is being targeted by the missile it can destroy it, in other words, it increases range of Iran’s attacking power to 1200 kilometers.


If we deliver this missile to Venezuela, this country can be safe for 1200 kilometers of any point of its border. If it is delivered to Lebanon, it can cover all the West Asia to Africa and even East European countries. Of course whether we sell it to Yemenis or not is also on the agenda for analyzing the ways of reinforcing the geopolitics. Only mass-production of this missile will guarantee Iran from any attack and threat. In the Persian Gulf all warships will be under the range of this missile.

One can consider the unveiling of this missile as a strategic achievement whose deterrent effects have been less noticed and discussed. Suppose the ground for responding to a U.S. mischief is prepared. Before the tension between Iran and the U.S. escalates, the U.S. Army takes back its warships 700 kilometers off Iran’s southern waters. Exactly what the Americans did a couple of months ago. Because in the most sensitive and critical condition, they had experienced that Iran’s long-range anti-ship missile was “Ya Ali” missile with the firing range of 700 kilometers and 98.5% accuracy.

Today and after unveiling the mass-production line of Al-Muhandis cruise missile with the firing range of 1200 kilometers, the U.S. warships have to increase their distance from Iran’s waters to 1200 kilometers in order to be safe from Iran’s missiles. So with such a long distance, their fighting power would definitely diminish because their F35c fighter jets, which are designed to take off from the aircraft carrier carriers, can fly for 2200 kilometers in the unarmed mode (without carrying bombs) and their range of flight in the fighting mode by carrying bombs is some 1000 kilometers.

So due to the 1200 kilometer distance of warships from Iran’s waters, such fighter jets have to fly some 2400 kilometers in order to reach Iran’s shores and return, and this is impossible and unimaginable for the fighter jets even in their unarmed mode.

The operational range of Iran’s missiles give Iran this possibility to have an upper hand in the probable military tensions in the region. Regardless of Iran’s enough full-scale deterrent military power, the country’s regional enemies either Saudi Arabia and recently the UAE and their Zionist, British and American allies are investing on creating domestic popular discontent in Iran and they have had considerable and huge investment on this issue.

In the Sunni-populated areas of Iran, they are trying to promote the idea of secession and in the central provinces, they are to make people discontent under the guise of seemingly nationalism. The virtual space today has been railed for toppling the regime and this seemingly aligned current is actually more aligned with the enemies’ tricks and intentions. But due to the revolutionary maturity and awareness of Iranian people, they are digging their own graves.

The penetrator with its act and behavior makes people know him very well and due to the sincere mourning in this decade of month of Muharram which will have the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s Household’s blessing, today Zeinab (A)-like patience has laid the ground for exposing the internal enemies and it is going to provide the ground for a valuable government to shape in 2021 by disgracing them.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS