Ashura Is Not a Memory But a School
Ashura Is Not a Memory But a School
Coronavirus pandemic has forced some smaller size mourning gatherings, used to be held in the past in the roofed places to commemorate the martyrdom of the third Imam of Shiites

Ashura Is Not a Memory But a School

Coronavirus pandemic has forced some smaller size mourning gatherings, used to be held in the past in the roofed places to commemorate the martyrdom of the third Imam of Shiites, Imam Hussein (A), in the first decade of month of Muharram, to be held in a bigger size and in the 20,000-man gathering, and it definitely compensated the shortages resulted by Coronavirus management protocols adopted for holding the Imam Hussein (A)’s mourning ceremonies.


In the narratives have been mentioned that is a passion embedded in the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (A) so that it never dies away. This year some people with secular intentions were seeking to restrict mourning ceremonies and gatherings for commemoration of Imam Hussein (A)’s martyrdom anniversary but they got disappointed by seeing such huge mourning gatherings and one can consider this disappointment of the opposition current regarding honoring Imam Hussein (A)’s martyrdom as some part of the passion lying in his martyrdom.

Since Karbala event and Asura to date, 1362 years have passed and during these years light and passion of martyrdom of Imam Hussein (A) has been glittering in the history. According to the historical calculation and according to the late DR. Ahmad Birshak’s calculation in the “Iranian Chronology”, Karbala event has happened on the 21st of month of Mehr 21 of Solar Hijri calendar year 59.

It is crystal clear for the experts that solar hijri year is not like lunar year that its days change because the Earth’s position regarding to the Sun is fixed and one can mention the prayer times of Karbala and convert them into the solar year all narratives and opinions of historians on this event with their exact hours and minutes.

In every second, minute and hour of Ashura event, some incidents have happened that several analytical, glorifying and honoring books can be written and compiled on them. The Supreme Leader considers Imam Hussein (A)’s action an exceptional one. In his remarks some 19 years ago on the Imam Hussein (A)’s move, the Leader said, “We do not understand what patience is. Patience finds it meaning in its own place. Many people from elites, dignities, wise men, compassionates and half-compassionates approached Imam Hussein (A), and told him what he was doing was a mere mistake and useless and his action would harm him and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s Household and belittle the believers. Since the moment Imam Hussein (A) decided to set out his journey from Mecca to Kufa, people found out that these hurdles and immoralities against Imam had begun till Ashura. To be patient regarding these eventsand misbehaviors is very difficult. That time, I in my remarks pointed to this issue and told that the late Imam Khomeini (R) was patient and his patience was of Imam Hussein (A)’s type.”

Likening Imam Hussein (A)’s patience to Imam Khomeini’s in creating the Ashura culture and school in 1979, in other words, approximately 1300 years after Ashura Movement and School, is actually explanation, teaching and materialization of concepts of the school, as Imam Hussein (A) wished, which has helped the Islamic Republic to survive safely from all enmities from the East to the West through bloods and martyrdoms in the past 42 years.

Martyr Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani is the product of the very school and trained by such an academy. Through the history many currents had decided to turn Karbala and Ashura event into a just historical memory but history shows that they have failed and it is because of the literature of the uprising that innocence and innocence-orientation is the major base in all dimensions of it.

So this school is not a memory because memory loses its significance through the history and upheavals but not only have Muharram, Karbala and Ashura not ebbed but also they have survived and continued.

This is the very school that gives life and turns the ground for haplessness and incapability into a sustainable resistance against hegemony and it is going to materialize the ground for its continuation and deployment of making the world “Husseini” and to establish the universal government of his brave child Hazrat Mahdi (A) with the name of Hussein (A).

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS