Rouhani: Enemy’s Plots against Iran Failing
Rouhani: Enemy’s Plots against Iran Failing
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said all hostile plots against the Iranian nation have ended in failure under strong resistance.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said all hostile plots against the Iranian nation have ended in failure under strong resistance, adding that his administration has handled the economy despite a $50 billion drop in incomes caused by the US sanctions.

Addressing a cabinet session on Wednesday, Rouhani said the enemy had formulated plots to bring the nation of Iran to its knees with a massive wave of sanctions and economic pressures.

The Iranian nation’s resistance and reliance on the culture of Ashura inflicted successive defeats on the enemy, he said.

The president further reminded the critics that his administration has managed to run the economy with a $50 billion reduction in the earnings after the unprecedented US sanctions were imposed in 2018.

Those leveling unfair criticism at the administration should know that the situation of markets and commodities in Iran is better than in Europe although the country’s income dropped by 9,000 trillion rials, Rouhani said.

He added that the great resistance has forced the US to suffer successive political defeats at the UN Security Council.

Iranians have never given in to the adversaries despite all pressures and difficulties, the president stated.

Rouhani further highlighted Iran’s success in managing the situation after the outbreak of the coronavirus, saying the Islamic Republic did not face any problem in providing hospital beds and intensive care services while some major countries in the world ran into serious troubles.

In comments on Sunday, Rouhani said while the coronavirus pandemic has slashed major economies in the world by up to 20 percent, Iran’s economy has contracted only by 3 percent.

Rouhani has repeatedly said that his administration is engaged in a battle on two fronts at the same time, dealing with the cruel foreign sanctions and addressing the coronavirus and its economic consequences.

The president said in June that the main priority in the administration’s economic plans is to control prices and supply the basic means of life.

  • source : Tasnim, Iran News