Negotiation With Coup-Organizer Not Allowed
Negotiation With Coup-Organizer Not Allowed
During the past month that U.S. President Donald Trump has trailed his Democrat rival in the presidential election Joe Biden in the polls

Negotiation With Coup-Organizer Not Allowed

During the past month that U.S. President Donald Trump has trailed his Democrat rival in the presidential election Joe Biden in the polls, he has sent some meaningful signals to Iran and leaders of some European countries and Russia that everybody who mediates between the U.S. and the Islamic Republic of Iran would get good reward, and for this reason Germans and Russians are thinking of getting the reward.


Of course this was in a condition that the U.S. resolution on renewing Iran arms embargo was grounded at the UNSC and only the pint-sized country Dominican Republic did what President Trump and his diplomatic system liked it, and the resolution with the silence and abstention votes from the European countries failed and the U.S. experienced a heavy defeat.

Nowadays everybody is asking this question whether this world is the same as the world in 1953 that Americans through performing a puppet show of the Operations Boot and T.P. Ajax toppled Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq’s government and brought back Muhammad Reza Shah, the son of Reza Khan, to the power and distributed Iran oil interests through the parliament between them and the British despite the oil had been nationalized. And today the U.S. resolution at the UNSC faces such a condition. They ask what a current has caused the U.S. humiliation. Perhaps at that time if the people had stayed in the scene, such a coup would not have happened. The key factor for the collapse of Mossadeq and his government was that he was not a Muslim. During the public’s support of him, the clerics noticed his treason against the religion and stopped supporting him and as the result, people followed the clerics and stopped supporting him.

According to the statistics, it is right that through the parliament’s action and nationalization of oil industry Iran’s revenues from oil exports jumped from $400,000 in 1950 to some $2m in 1953. This trend of rise in revenues became a ground that the British got closer to the Americans and with resorting to this message that oil interests in Iran were in the control of Tudeh Party (communist party), they decided not to let the country slip out of the hands of Muhammad Reza Shah. So the Operation Boot led by the British and later the Operation T.P. Ajax managed by the U.S. petro-dollars paved the ground for bringing the thugs, led by Shaaban Jafari (known as Brainless Shaban), into the streets and Fazlollah Zahedi used the Army for frightening the people and helped the August 19, 1953 Coup to happen in Iran.

Mosaddeq’s strategic mistake was his negligence towards disappointing the clerics from him in painting a dangerous picture of his government through the support of Tudeh Party and the then communist Soviet Union, with this trick that he needs to pretend in order to win the U.S. support against the British government. So he removed all hurdles for the success of the British in winning the approval of the U.S. and by coming to power of President Eisenhower after President Truman in the U.S., the climate for carrying out a military coup and bringing down the legal government of Mosaddeq in Iran was fully prepared.

So some of disputes between Iran and the U.S. root in August 19 coup d’etat, when the U.S. with its direct interference in Iran’s internal affairs, brought back the despotic ruling Shah to power to dominate Iranian people’s souls and properties and act as the U.S. lackey for a quarter of century. Perhaps one can say that the first chain of Iranian nations distrust to the U.S. was formed during the coup.

Now which wise man can in his mind believe this issue that a coup-monger country could be trustworthy and he can trust a country which is fully lackey of Zionists and start negotiations with it?

Even the Americans themselves admit of being dishonest. The remarks of the then U.S. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court William Douglas are still considered as the most audible proof for damaged 60 years of Americans’ reputation and credit. Douglas has said, “When Mosaddeq in Iran re-organized, the alarm (Communism) was sounded to us … We collaborated with the British to destroy him and succeeded in doing it but since then, our name has not been accompanied with dignity and pride in the Middle East.”

With such a background full of historical records and behaviors of the U.S. regarding Iran after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iran will never negotiate with the U.S.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS