Pandemic Damaged Country’s GDP by 15%
Pandemic Damaged Country’s GDP by 15%
Iran's Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Farhad Dejpasand has said that Corona's disease had damaged the country's GDP by 15 percent.

Pandemic Damaged Country’s GDP by 15%


TEHRAN – Iran’s Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Farhad Dejpasand has said that Corona’s disease had damaged the country’s GDP by 15 percent.

Speaking in the Majlis open session and referring to the sanctions on the country’s oil exports in a public session of the parliament, Dejpasand admitted that the virus pandemic has damaged the GDP of the country by 15 percent.

He went on to say, “Even if oil exports are done without sanctions and problems, we will still not have access to all incomes, so this year we must experience a non-oil budget and rely on tax revenue.”

Emphasizing on avoiding borrowing from the central bank, he said, “We have a comprehensive plan not to resort the option. Borrowing from the central bank is harmful. The capital market has matured today and can meet needs.”

Dejpasand noted that the country’s economic growth last year was negative, including oil, and that stimulus policy should be applied to improve economic conditions.

He also said that the ministry is working on drawing up a bill for attracting investments of overseas Iranians.

He claimed Iran’s foreign trade is in good condition and positive despite all enemies’ sabotages, and non-oil exports were according the schedule last year.

Dejpasand reiterated that Iran’s foreign traded faced the least effect of enemies’ mischiefs while they had targeted the country’s foreign trade.

He noted that since this year has been named as year of Surge in Production, all are assigned to focus on pick-up and surge in production, adding that national economy is facing threats and problems and in this condition, the country should take advantage of its production capacities properly.

He admitted that in the past eight years, the growth in investment has been negative and it is concerning and for this reason the government is working on a bill for attracting investment especially from Iranians abroad.

Dejpasand reiterated that enemies are working hard to bring Iran’s economy down and all should work together to disappoint them by boosting production.