Majlis Shows Yellow Card to President Rouhani
Majlis Shows Yellow Card to President Rouhani
Heads of committees of Majlis on Thursday in a letter to President Hassan Rouhani urged him to stop continuing the current trend

Majlis Shows Yellow Card to President Rouhani

Heads of committees of Majlis on Thursday in a letter to President Hassan Rouhani urged him to stop continuing the current trend that he has followed in the past seven years of his presidency. In the letter, it has been explicitly stipulated that during seven years of Rouhani’s presidency nothing has been seen but cruelty and injustice towards the weak layers of the society and even the youths and industrialists, and he should change his policy in order to cooperate with the current Majlis.


It seems this letter which has been written by the Majlis committees to be the first yellow card and warning to President Rouhani’s performance for his seven years in office. Hereby and in my article, I bring some excerpts of the letter for the attention of Iranian and world nations and the governments which are supporters of President Rouhani’s government in order to show the difference between revolutionary people with people being totally different with them. Some excerpts of the letter are as follows, “Now that we are on the eve of beginning the eighth year of your presidency as the highest executive official in the country and Majlis has also started its work to revive Islamic Republic Revolution’s values, we are witnessing a painful condition in the country which we believe Iranian martyr-nurturing nation does not deserve it. So according to our legal and revolutionary task regarding supervising the performance of the executive branch and also according to the Article 8 of the Constitutions as the representatives of zealous Iranian nation, it is necessary to notify some points to you as the man who is in charge of executing the Constitutions which has been stipulated in the Article 113. Mr. President …. You have sworn in on the Holy Quran and Iranian nation to safeguard the Constitutions, the laws which entitle anyone to have appropriate housing and have entrusted the government with the task of creating job for anyone, the laws which emphasize fight with monopolization, hoarding, prodigality and supporting boost in agro, livestock and industrial production till the country reaches self-sufficiency and cuts its dependence on other countries. But now on the eve of starting your eighth year of presidency, how far is the distance between the sacred Islamic Revolution establishment and these principles? Can you find this massive amount of unemployed youths anywhere but in Iran? Are not they Iranian citizens who are hapless in earning their minimum livelihood as they have to work several shifts to survive? We wish if you, on way to your office, had a look at the poor children who were searching in trash dumps to find something to eat. Mr Rouhani … are you aware of the prices of food stuff which are spiraling every day? Are you aware of the ratio between a market basket with the salary of a worker, a clerk or a teacher? Have you heard anything about the inflation in housing sector both in purchasing or renting? Are you aware of rising price of services in the transportation and price of cars? If you are aware, what hope do you expect from the unemployed educated youth to pin on the Prudence and Hope government? Do you hear or see anything about the statistics on the rise of divorces and decline in marriages, the decline in fertility and growth in the social damages? How does hardship on way of entrepreneurs and businessmen because of bureaucracy in your government conform to the tasks and slogans which have been set by this government in the Sixth Development Plan? Can an official be considered jihadi and Islamic when he just deplores in response to any mismanagement instead of reforming the performance?  Lack of motivation and passiveness in some of your associates surge and this phenomenon has led to a sense of abandonment in the public economically. This is not only the national currency which is being devalued day by day but hope and desire of hundreds of thousands of the youths are being affected by turbulences and government’s changes of regulations. Mr. President … the sensitivity of your job obliges you to monitor all developments in the country and the world like a kind father and custodian and to take prudent measure for anything before it turns into a crisis. As our acclaimed poet Saadi says, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,’ adding ‘if flood comes, no dam can stop it and it washes out everything.’

Which logic can accept the head of a government just smiles after being informed of events and crisis? We demand you to accept the advice of your committed brothers and change the trend of your seven years of administering the country because the 11th Majlis has been formed to revive the revolutionary ideals and it will stand by its ideals. So forget what you have had with Majlis in the past because people’s representatives will not remain silent regarding the rights of the nation who has been unique in the history.”

By seeing this letter, it seems Majlis does not intend to ignore any passiveness and negligence and it is determined to revive the wasted rights of the people during the management of the 11th and 12th governments.

I wish Majlis lawmakers and head of committees a blessing and I have definite hope that the nation will witness how lawmakers defending their rights and they need not to wait too long.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : irannewsdaily