Ivanka Trump: All of Us Were Scared
Ivanka Trump: All of Us Were Scared
When Iran’s gasoline was being shipped to Venezuela, the U.S. had been gripped with an unimaginable anxiety

Ivanka Trump: All of Us Were Scared

When Iran’s gasoline was being shipped to Venezuela, the U.S. had been gripped with an unimaginable anxiety. In another words, President Donald Trump was facing with a dilemma of either having a peaceful or hostile approach to it. He could hit the first vessel but he did not do it. That why he did not hit the vessel was unclear in the first days but gradually its reason was revealed.


The Financial Times daily in an article quoted U.S. President’s daughter Ivanka Trump, on what went on between Iran and the U.S. in the past month, as saying, “When Iran’s statement on its shipment of fuel to Venezuela was revealed by our friends inside Iran, immediately the Democrats, the Republicans, CIA officers and military generals held a secret meeting, and during the meeting Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explicitly expressed his concern. But my father, Donald Trump, announced coolly that it is stupid and Iran will not commit such a move. They cannot mess with our big army, and with just few drones and warships the case will be closed. General Michael Terry one of the high-ranking military officials in the meeting said that if Iran’s vessels move towards Venezuela, they will face with our warships and they will be surrounded from air and sea and fuels of the vessels will be confiscated and taken to the UK via the Caribbean Sea and the crew and captains of the vessels would be taken to the U.S. My father Donald Trump expressed his satisfaction and began applauding and praising and had a thumbs-up for it. Ms. Jonson, deputy director of CIA on research and planning, with a humiliating rhetoric said it is very naïve to think Iran will retreat completely. Iranians have changed their strategy of defense into an attacking tactic and they have prepared a squadron of angry rangers and ready to set traps, and this move may be their plot to destroy all of the U.S. bases and troops in the Middle East. Ladies and Gentlemen, Iran is equipped with a very sophisticated and precision weapon that with the smallest uncalculated mistake, they would destroy us. I recommend no fire, no obstacle and no warning because Iran has prepped several reactions for any action and they have responses to any plan of ours. They have practiced for years for having their responses to us. When we were busy with our void political games and regime change with our allies, Iran was busy with producing weapons, missiles, drones and submarines. So the U.S. position has weakened in recent six months. When the Congress leaders of Democrats and Republicans were at war with Bin Salman and Arab kings’ petro-dollars, unity in Iran was strengthened by the launch of a satellite. Clerics have been impressed by the armed forces in a way that the issue of cultural or anti-cultural attacks by the Israeli and Saudi Arabian satellite TVs has lost their color. If we hit their gasoline reservoirs, we will be targeted by their missiles from long distances which have been under their scrutiny for long time. Targeting some reservoirs will equal to the loss of hundreds of refineries and bases. So it is better to find a better solution than military threat for confronting Iran. At the end of the three-hour long meeting and speeches of nine high-ranking participants, they reached this conclusion that compromise is the best option on the table.”

That Donald Trump’s daughter in the mass media reveals strategic secrets of the White House is either out of naiveté or she deeply opposes the U.S. hostile policies and she has chosen to reveal the information to the world for justifying the cowardly behavior of the White House. And the world uses   all of these information and facts as their yardstick for drawing this conclusion that they are better to divert their direction from the U.S. path in dealing with Iran and they will choose it.

The soft and hard processes of the Islamic Revolution’s policies in facing with sanctions have been, since the first days, to find the factors behind sanctions and to nullify them. Hence, military power of Iran and its intelligence dominance will lead to the White House’s daily retreats.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS