Is the U.S. Condition Really Critical?
Is the U.S. Condition Really Critical?
Almost one month has passed since a black man, George Floyd, was murdered by the police in Minneapolis and with the outbreak of protests in this city

Is the U.S. Condition Really Critical?

Almost one month has passed since a black man, George Floyd, was murdered by the police in Minneapolis and with the outbreak of protests in this city, the sleeping sorrows in American people have turned into cry and it is going to get out of control. The American society is not all black but in the current condition that the media in line with the West try to show the protests an anti-racism one, the number of the white who have joined the protests is on the rise and the protests are now  limited to racism and discrimination.


In the U.S., racism has kicked off since the slavery era and today it has expanded to the gap between poverty and wealth. Even in this current protest and unrest condition that world people are anticipating any moment to hear fresh news like announcement of self-autonomy like what is happening in Seattle, the two almost ruling political parties in the U.S. went on conducting polls. In fact, holding such polls is just aimed at distracting the public minds from what they really are after . The U.S. research center Navigator has been able to rush to help the capitalists and industrialists in the U.S. in critical periods. The institute in two of its latest researches say, “88 percent of American people believe that their country is in critical condition and they blame Donald Trump and the White House’s inefficiency. At the same time, the Democrats with 96 percent and the black people with 90 percent believe that condition in the U.S. is critical and this crisis cannot be easily curbed.”

This research institute has published the result of another poll conducted in the worst political and social condition in which respondents had been asked with this question  which political party you agree the Republican or the Democrat. Hence, by creating such a distraction, 55 percent of the respondents to the question said they preferred the arrival of a new management and supported the Democrat candidate while 39 percent voted for the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, and 8 percent said that they preferred not to answer at this stage. Likely, they are waiting to see what will happen and what will be the fate of the people’s uprising in the U.S.

This is while after the murder of Floyd, people’s reaction to his death in different cities in the U.S. has been on the rise and we witness tougher reactions from Trump regarding the protestors. In these years,  that according to 90 percent of American people, the country has experienced different types of crises, several issues have worried them. The White House’s repeated lies have destroyed people’s trust.

The gap between the poor and the rich has widened unacceptably and the Coronavirus pandemic has turned into a total hell by itself and the U.S. political system has shown strange failure regarding this crisis.

The number of COVID-19 infected patients in the U.S. is higher than any country while almost all of the people in the world did not expect the U.S. to show such a feeble picture in tackling the virus. A recent video clip on poverty, hunger and people’s anger in the streets has gone viral, indicating one reality and it is the painting picture of the media from the Great Satan.

Even we believe that the U.S. is 90 percent in critical condition, it will mean that even if the White House officials change their approach and align with social gatherings, these crises will not be controllable at east in less than 6 months. Perhaps, the range of these crises would go beyond the U.S. and grip all the West and even Europe.  In such a condition, won’t it be difficult to seat and analyze the November presidential and Congress elections? With such ways and methods which do not give a damn to the people, which wise man will be ready to go to the poll stations? It has set a tough prediction ahead and we see the false walls of propagation collapsing.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian


  • source : irannewsdaily