U.S. Scared of Iran’s New Majlis
U.S. Scared of Iran’s New Majlis
In the past two weeks, people in the world have seen important events regarding ineffectiveness of the U.S. sanctions against Iran and Venezuela

U.S. Scared of Iran’s New Majlis

In the past two weeks, people in the world have seen important events regarding ineffectiveness of the U.S. sanctions against Iran and Venezuela. Five oil tankers from Iran headed towards Venezuela to deliver gasoline and fuel boosters while world media were monitoring the move of vessels from the Strait of Gibraltar towards Caribbean Sea every second and today all news and reports indicate that the U.S. did a wise calculation not to interfere and paved the ground for revealing this belief and thought globally that sanctions are getting ineffective.


The U.S. could target the first tanker heading towards Caribbean Sea with firing a laser missile and undoubtedly, Iran would have returned the remaining cargo but why did not the U.S. do it? Three calculations were effective in the U.S. decision. First. they could lose security of its shipping in the whole world and this issue regardless of its political disgrace could inflict heavy insurance costs on maritime and it could deteriorate the U.S. economy which is currently struggling because of the Coronavirus, and essentially today neither Donald Trump and the White House nor American people expected the U.S. to sink in a deeper quagmire than the Coronavirus and they do not expect, either, and it seems in the future they would not expect it, either.

Secondly, in Iran a Majlis has started its work for legislation which is totally different from all previous ones since the victory of the Islamic Revolution and if the U.S. government in the past and through secret lobbying used to pave the ground for secret deals with Iranian governments specially the tenth Majlis which closed its eyes on them, the condition today has changed and even the government has to answer for its acts in the past. So, if the U.S. had done any aggression on Iranian tankers, the new Majlis undoubtedly would have had a decisive response to it. Newly-elected Majlis deputies with overwhelming majority of 230 votes elected Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf as the new Speaker. Americans do not have Ali Larijani any longer to approve the JCPOA in just 20 minutes. So they had to act wisely and prudently.

Thirdly, the Americans have learned that with the existing economic current in Iran, their sanctions are more ineffective than they expected to have serious and strategic impact on the resistance axis. So the best option for them was to invite Iran for better co-existence, détente and reducing tensions and animosities and this path may lead the U.S. to close its eyes on Iran’s economic behavior in the world and gradually to change the route of sanctions for opening economic cooperation with Iran. Of course, one obvious dichotomy is seen between what is going on in the U.S. Department of State and in the White House and this dichotomy can be out of prudence.

The White House closes its eyes on fuel delivery of Iranian tankers to Venezuela and takes no action and at the same time in the U.S. Department of State, the Iran Action Group holds session of “storytelling” and in its meeting threatens Iran while they are fully aware that their threats are void. In the meeting, U.S. Secretary of State in a statement announces that the U.S. will end sanctions waiver for all countries in Iran nuclear deal and he announces slapping sanctions on two Iranians involved in Iran’s nuclear program.

Regarding this issue, some puppet-like people like Brian Hook, Christopher Ashley Ford and Morgan Ortagus still claim that they are preventing Iran from making nuclear warheads. These people either are really unaware of how absurd is their remarks or they have mission to make people laugh.

Today with this authority that Iran has made way in any part of the world wisely and smartly, it does not need to any arsenals. When has Iran decided to take revenge by mobilize its forces against the people of a country instead of targeting the goals of the arrogant governments?

How can we, in Iran, while thinking of sending food, medicine and humanitarian aids for the Coronavirus-hit American people, think of making A-bomb whose aim is destruction and massacre? In the U.S. Department of State, today wisdom is not to beat the drum of animosity and trumpeting the distrust. I wish they, in the department, could be after finding a peaceful way for restoring an economic relation with Iran which can help the ground for opening the way for arrival of the U.S. companies into Iran’s market like the White House did in order not to fan the flame of enmity. I wish they could think more of the Coronavirus that today has involved all countries and the U.S. more than any one. Who knows he will be alive two months later? The Iran Action Group, necessarily and in line with the White House prudent strategy, should think of this issue more that there are more praised ways in human nature than hatred and animosity.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS