U.S. Collapse Is Serious
U.S. Collapse Is Serious
Recent news and reports about the chaos in the political and financial structures of the U.S., which are heard in the world

U.S. Collapse Is Serious

Recent news and reports about the chaos in the political and financial structures of the U.S., which are heard in the world, indicate a happening which was predicted to happen 50 years later but it is happening earlier due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus and it is expected to have its great impact on major changes in the world.


Inefficiency of the central government in Washington and the clown-like behavior of President Donald Trump has pushed the administration of the U.S. into ambiguity that if most of the U.S. states do not think of saving themselves and becoming self-sufficient, they would fall into the huge abyss whose control with the existing tools is impossible and they will drown in it. It is not a joke to hear in news reports about the U.S. that over 2 million people are unemployed in the country. Statistics predict that the number of the unemployed people in the U.S. would exceed 50 million. The Persian language website of Euronews in its May 21 report estimated that the number of unemployment in the U.S. would hit 40m but since that day and due to the rise in economic chaos and stress in the U.S., the figure has increased.

These days, the capital markets in the U.S. and following the reports on the rise of unemployment have suffered slump in indexes which have been unprecedented in the history because the growth in the number of the unemployed is sign of the U.S. state officials’ efforts to toughen the public lockdown and shutdown in businesses.

According to the U.S. Secretary of Labor, in the week leading to May 16, almost 2.5 people joined the unemployment wagon in the country and the number of people, who have lost their jobs in the past three months due to implementing public lockdown policy and encouraging people to stay at their homes, has touched 40m and some experts even cast doubt on this figure and statistic and see it more.

Although some states are trying to hide the statistics about the COVID-19 infected patients in order to rebuild psychological morale of the people, like what happened in Mississippi State where the officials announced that they would soon reopen the casinos due to the slowdown in the Coronavirus, and even officials in Ohio State claimed that they would soon reopen the activities of restaurants. But to reopen business, it first needs making the public aware of the unpredictable risks facing them.

State officials in the U.S. are facing the challenge of bread or life. Some of them in their interviews say if the economic centers are not reopened, people would starve of hunger while the miles-long for food getting food are formed.

News reports like purchase of 300m doses of Covid-19 vaccines by AstraZeneca Company likely boost the morale and the market but its effect is definitely transient and unsustainable. Washington now sees itself in a weak position so that it assesses its rein unexplainable. When we monitor the news reports, we see this weakness fully in the U.S. acts and performance. If we look at the issue of Iranian fuel tankers carrying gasoline to Venezuela, we find out how the U.S. has become cautious today. Both Iran and Venezuela are in sanctions but five Iranian oil tankers are providing the vehicles of Venezuelan people with gasoline while hoisting Iranian flags and passing the Atlantic Ocean, and the U.S., according to the Spokesperson for the United States Department of State Spokesman Morgan Ortegus, just showed show of power. (Or better to say she had a media bluff). In confronting with China during the Trump’s presidency, China has always had upper hands. In the pullout from the JCPOA, Trump committed the biggest strategic mistake and paved the ground for the return of atomic power to Iran.

Today American media say that American capitalists have become richer during the outbreak of the Coronavirus. This claim may be right for some activities and businesses but it cannot be generalized.

All predictions unanimously believe that cry of secessionism will be heard from the federative system of the U.S. and even Europe will not be able to help the U.S. for any change in the trend of its structural collapse because it is grappling with its own economic woes, economic growth and internal disputes.

Italians recently have implicitly said that they are unable to pay back their some 2,000b euros of loans to Germany. The recent joint plan of France and Germany for economic boom in the Coronavirus-hit Europe has been opposed by some countries and they want to replace the plan with a new one led by Austria. The nature of lack of coordination paves the ground for economic problems in all Europe. However, the West is preparing to face something unbelievable en route to infrastructural changes and amid these changes, the economic, political and security collapse of the U.S. is now more serious and obtainable than ever.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian