The West Means Double Standard
The West Means Double Standard
Defining the current condition, which is dominating the political, social and cultural structure in the West, is like a coin which completely manifests two fully opposite and contradictory sides

The West Means Double Standard

Defining the current condition, which is dominating the political, social and cultural structure in the West, is like a coin which completely manifests two fully opposite and contradictory sides. We do not forget that during the assassination of martyr Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, the White House, by using media as its tool, was trying to show that the assassination was a masterpiece but even the Americans reacted to this puppet show by staging some protests and there were also some fair analyses on the event. So these approaches and taking stands have targeted the hypocrisy of the Western governments like the U.S. that today people in the world consider the U.S.’s leadership policy as  double standard and even do not recognize it.


For a realistic analysis of a variable philosophy in the current condition of the West either the U.S. or Europe and some of their satellite states who trample down all criteria if they feel it is necessary, it does not need to go far. Just have a look at the JCPOA.  A government approves and accepts its obligations and another government ignores all its predecessor’s obligations and beats the drum of distrust in the world. This is just those contradictory standards or better to say double standards.

I remember well that in my articles in the past, I had used the word “double standard” because when I say double standard, you are better to translate it into hypocrisy and duplicity because diplomats use the expression of double standard for not applying it for duplicity. Otherwise in a simple and understandable language for all, today the West and comparatively the East, which believe the end justifies any means, are administered based on Machiavellianism methods.

One of many clear examples which verify my view is that Western countries’ policies are based on magnifying defects and weaknesses in other countries like Iran by trying to show other countries are insecure and by creating rift among governments and nations, while this Coronavirus pandemic has made public the huge gap between people, statesmen and the rich people. Let’s have a look at the U.S. elections. How presidential contenders have significantly disclosed about President Trump and the White House in recent days? It apparently shows that double standard has been defined everywhere but in the U.S., it has been defined more. The U.S. approach to its own people is not a criterion for my view, but it has the same double standard approach towards other nations and countries.

For example, let’s take Iran as a criterion. Iranian people in facing with the structure of programs of news TV channels like BBC and VOA are seeing clearly that these media outlets have defined their own policies to form the mindset of people against their governments but they have never been honest to their own people and are not, either. Let’s have a look at some conducted polls. How much is really the amount of public trust to the administering structures in Europe and the U.S.? One can clearly realize it and it needs no complicated or documented analysis.

If today an independent organization conducts a genuine worldwide poll, it will be clearly determined that how world people believe that in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. has not told the truth and it still tries to hide its weaknesses from eyes of the world. How can one deny American and British people’s disbeliefs about the released statistics on the Coronavirus casualties? How can one ignore released contradictory opinions regarding the protection of the federative system in the U.S.? To which aspect of management in the damaged countries could we attribute unemployment statistics and economic decline of the West and slump in the oil price?

Yellow vests in France will not be forgettable. “99% Vs 1%” movement in the U.S. is indelible while it is today is run underground due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus and hunger but it will erupt like a volcano.

Regarding what I said, one can consider democracy as a media deceit and if someone or more people do their best to list the contradictions of democracy, we will see that even the claim of liberalism is nothing more than a mere lie.

Pro civilization philosophies in the world have not ever had the grounds for happiness of human being without comprehensive cognition of the human creation. Human nature by itself is metaphysicist and since he is not guided properly, he resorts to superstitious theories. If we do not trace freedom of thought in the framework of media exaggeration, the truths will be discovered.

Coronavirus today comparatively has portrayed the condition for living in panic and stress, and if the number of inflected Coronavirus patients surpasses 10 million, it will dissolve the remained sediment of the inflicted Westerns in itself.

We Shiites under the shelter of hope to Re-Appearance have immunized ourselves from these distortions. We hope others would think of such a loophole more than ever and find out the genuine and noble pro-civilization institution in human creation.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian