Wahhabism Condescends to Shiism
Wahhabism Condescends to Shiism
In these Coronavirus-hit days and in lives of all humanity regardless of what he is doing has caused emergence of great plague

Wahhabism Condescends to Shiism

In these Coronavirus-hit days and in lives of all humanity regardless of what he is doing has caused emergence of great plague and it has almost overshadowed and changed all political, social and economic equations, some coming reports from Saudi Arabia show that Sunni youths of this country in a climate filed with belief and love to religion are converting from Wahhabism to Shiism one after the other.


Although this issue is tried to be kept secret from the media through some adopted measures or it is suppressed by resorting to coercion but it is revealed between bits and pieces of the news and reports and right finally finds its way.

Some video clips from some famous Sunni clerics, who actually feel hearty that Wahhabism like Bahaism is man-made and has been created by the British, have gone viral where they are moving to introduce Shiism and its legitimacy among Islamic sects, and question after question strikes the minds of the Sunni youths about the behavior of Daesh forces and their followers who used to obey Ibn Taymiyyah, and all these questions are unanswered. Everywhere it is talked about enchanting elegance and accuracy of Imam Zaman (A)’s thoughts.

Due to blessing of pro-Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) household Muslims’ maturity  in countries like Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Yemen, it is talked about resistance and bravery and all this approach is deep-rooted in transparency of Hadis Nabavi (Prophetic Hadith) that does not separate the Holy Quran from Atrat (Prophet’s Household).

Apart from stimulant topics in the thought and faith climate, the number of anti-stimulant climate against Wahhabism’s thought is not few. For example one can point to recent behavior of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman with his relatives. The way Saudis butchered and assassinated Jamal Khashoggi is another example that one can find out the nature of father and son’s ruling over Saudis and one can easily find what factors cause hatred among Saudi youths towards the hypocrisy of the hand-raised of Wahhabism to rise.

Recently Asharq Al-Awsat daily, owned by Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, in an article and in confrontation with the content of the book  “Howler of Riyadh” pointed to some conflicts between King Salman and his son and has tried to introduce out of all Saudi Family these father and son to the Muslim community. The article in highlighting important points of the lives of these two princesses has not left any smallest dot in order that one can believe Saudi King is a human being.

Apart from the disrupted foundations in the Saudi Family’s morality, they have also been politically source of deviation and authoritarianism. The tough social condition and a strict religious climate dominating Saudi Arabia, and consequently the rule of Wahhabism, which used to deny any interaction with other cultures and even anathematize them, had made Saudi society an isolated and backward one.

The first diplomatic relation of Saudi Arabia was restored with Egypt and during the ruling of King Farouk where sons of King Bin Abdulaziz got acquainted with some political, social and cultural concepts. But this relation did not last too long and after Gamal Abdel Nasser took power in Egypt, the tie between Egypt and Saudi Arabia was deteriorated. But at the same time that Saudi rulers considered Egypt as their main rivals, they monitoring all Egyptian poets, writers, intellectuals, and artists and their works.

Gradually Saudi rulers realized that they can employ the culture and media to serve the kingdom. And it was a beginning for Saudi Family’s attention to culture, art and media so they turned to read Egyptian books and listen to songs of some famous Egyptian singers or watch some Egyptian movies, and a player was taken to Abdulaziz’s free of spirituality Palace in order that they can watch Egyptian movies.

According to Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz, during watching the films where Egyptian actresses had no hijab (Islamic dressing), his aunts always expressed their dissatisfactions.

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman was one of the Saudi Family who found out immediately the significance of culture and media and learned that culture and media is the best means to promote himself. So he immediately bought Saudi Printing and Publication Institute. He then bought the license of International Arab-language and London-based Asharq al-Awsat daily and it is a beginning for Bin Salman’s activities in the media.

Either politically or culturally, the book “Howler of Riyadh” tries to recount dark sides of lives of Bin Abdulaziz the King of Saudi Arabia and his son Crown Prince Bin Salman. From ties with Egypt to his subservience to Zionists in Israel and his subservience towards U.S. President Donald Trump, all and all indicate this point that Saudi Family have been the real factor and motivation for young and well-intentioned Saudi youths to turn towards Imam Zama’s thought.

Muslim world under transparent guidelines of Holy Quran and with support of Alawi instructions is moving in direction of re-appearance and what has been mentioned in this article is the smallest part from what is happening in the deep foundations which have tendency towards the world free of sin and cruelty.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : irannewsdaily