Qaani Visit to Baghdad Foils Coup d’Etat
Qaani Visit to Baghdad Foils Coup d’Etat
the U.S.’s saber-rattling and bullying died down and led to a statement issued by eight Iraqi resistance groups

Qaani Visit to Baghdad Foils Coup d’Etat

Conflicts, resulted by the U.S.’s behind-the-scene efforts in Iraq’s political scene and its insistence on granting the role of Iraqi premiership to some untrusted persons who are not welcomed by Iraqi people and Iraq’s revolutionary parliament, revealed the U.S. hidden hands in saber-rattling in Iraq.


The U.S. by bringing its troops to Iraq tried to frighten Iraqi officials and parliament members in order to dictate its policies in Iraq but with Quds Forces Commander Esmail Qaani’s visit to Iraq, the U.S.’s saber-rattling and bullying died down and led to a statement issued by eight Iraqi resistance groups against the U.S. presence in Iraq.

Last week, the U.S. deployed its Patriot missile batteries in Iraq’s Kurdistan region and brought its military equipment to Iraq from Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and by publishing an article in New York Times daily it was claimed that the Pentagon intends to destroy Kataeb Hizbolla in Iraq and it spread rumor that the U.S. wanted to show muscles in Iraq, and actually dissemination of such a rumor in Iraq’s media and virtual space could, to some extent, be effective in weakening  the spirit and morale of Iraqi revolutionaries but visit of a  team of high-ranking IRGC commanders, led by General Qaani, to Bagdad made U.S. President Donald Trump remind this famous sentence “If you strike one, you will receive ten” and he immediately took stand and said that Iran should not show tooth and nails to the U.S. forces and ordered the U.S. forces to stop their aerial maneuvers and military moves in Iraq.

This shows that the sublime spirits of martyrs Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis have been incarnated in General Qaani. That Kataeb Hizbollah of Iraq has turned into a source of anger and hatred for the Pentagon is a natural and understandable issue.

Since the day proud martyr of the resistance front Jamal Jaafar Ibrahimi, known as Abu Mahid al-Muhandis, took the leadership of Kataeb Hizbollah group and gathered over 5,000 committed Shiite forces , it became one of the strongest Shiite militia groups in Iraq and Syria, and the group made Americans feel hatred and anger towards it both in Iraq and Syria like the same feeling towards Iran’s IRGC.

Al-Muhandis was also Iraq’s National Security Advisor and commander of Hashd al-Shaabi. This group along with 6 more revolutionary groups in Iraq saved the country from chaos in 2016 because of the U.S. plans to topple the Iraqi government and also in 2019 by the U.S. plans and Saudi Family’s financing, and it made Iraqi people aware of goals behind the U.S., Saudi Family and Zionist regime’s sinister plans.

The U.S. report on the so-called terrorism in 2016 was published by its State Department on July 19, 2017 in seven chapters, and the government officially revealed its animosity to Kataeb Hizbollah in its website.

In the chapter six and under the title of “Foreign Terrorist Organization”, the report details some information on the group. It says the group came into existence in 2006 and on July 2, 2009 it was designated as a foreign terrorist organization. Kataeb Hizbollah is a hardliner Shiite group with an anti-West ideology, and it is a rebellious and radical group, the report adds. Before the U.S. troops’ pullout in 2011, the group used to attack Iraqi, American and coalition targets in Iraq and it threatened politicians and civil personalities who used to back legal political process in Iraq. This group, for promoting and publicizing its operations, forces mass media to disseminate videos of their attacks. Kataeb Hizbollah is linked to Iran Ideologically and is financed by this country, the report continued.

Although attribution of the group to Iran by the U.S. State Department can be considered as an exaggeration, but since Shiite group is avid advocate of Late Imam Khomeini (R)’s doctrine, it is natural that Iran is always dragged into any operation by the group.

But this part of claim that Iraqi people and government have called for Iran’s advisory help especially from the Quds Forces and has boosted the country’s capability to stand against the U.S. bullying and excessive demanding is not wrong.

Today the U.S. feels humiliation more than ever and it is on verge of expulsion from Iraq and ultimately from the region, and it has shown its incredibility and being a paper tiger to the world and for world judgment even in the case of fighting the Coronavirus.

This time only the dissemination of news about Quds Forces official’s visit to Iraq thwarted all plans and plots for coup d’etat in Iraq.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian