It’s Better to Leave Than to Stay
It’s Better to Leave Than to Stay
It is better to name the Coronavirus as “destruction of Corona” rather than a virus because all reports and news show that its extensive spread has made the world more f

It’s Better to Leave Than to Stay

It is better to name the Coronavirus as “destruction of Corona” rather than a virus because all reports and news show that its extensive spread has made the world more fear of it rather than looking at its cruel behavior so that some of leaders have resorted to hide the truth and deny it.


Saudi Family thinks it is better nobody knows the number of people dying how and where. African countries essentially likely do not know how many people have been infected with the virus. The U.S. Navy has fired commander of its aircraft carrier for raising alarm over the outbreak of the virus in the carrier which infected officers and soldiers, and many other countries, each in its own style, is trying to manage the condition as they think it is for their national interests.

But in this horrible health situation and pandemic of the virus in the world, the U.S. still insists on its cruelty and world-mongering, and considers its attitude as part of its power diplomacy. The country still insists on keeping its hegemony for sanctions in the world for defeating its target countries. It still insists on keeping its troops across the world. It still insists on covering its collapsed economy in fighting with Coronavirus from the eyes of world. The country still wants to sort out, through secrecy, its failure in conducting coup d’etat in Iraq for bringing its favorite prime minister to power after the IRGC forces commanders visit to Baghdad foiled it.

These insistences are mostly because Americans have not yet realized dimensions of Coronavirus destruction. Examples for widespread cruelty of universal globalism have no limits. From Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman to Zionists, UK, France, Germany and the U.S. all have feared to repent. If, in this short article, we want to point to one example for those tyrannies, we can point to the U.S. confrontation with the nations, it suffices to point to their presence to Iraq. While Iraq’s parliament has approved a law which sees foreign forces in the country illegal, Americans are still challenging and confronting it.

They thought if Adnan al-Zurfi became Iraq Prime Minister, they could have changed decision of whole Iraqi people and parliament on the pullout of their foreign forces. This stupidity cannot be compensated with coersion and militarism. Today the world has totally changed. Revolution in telecommunications and widespread dissemination of news in any second, whose tools have been provided to the world by the U.S. itself, has been employed against the hegemony of domination. World public analyze any smallest action and react to it.

The U.S. behavior in Iraq makes people infer that recent U.S. moves in Iraq’s military scene are not for reducing its military presence to observe its legal obligation but it is somewhat a move for expanding its militarism and operations in Iraq. For example, the U.S. has relocated its forces from places like north of Baghdad which are not so significant in terms of dominance, to other bases. Or they move its forces in the K-1 base and relocate them in most important and sensitive places in Iraq, namely, in the west of Iraq and in Al-Anbar Province where Ain Al-Assad base is located.

The importance of Ain Al-Assad Airbase is because it is close to joint borders of Syria and Iraq and it indicates that Americans are sensitive on regional interactions especially in military and security field of Iraq, and they do not want a safe security relation is restored between Iraq and Syria. This shows future dangers for Iraq, Syria and the region and they do not at all think that the era of looting resources of their former colonies at least in West Asia has come to its end. They are inattentive to the content of the statement of Iraqi resistance groups and their threats against American soldiers.

If today someone wants to offer well and wise advice to the U.S. President, he should tell him to have deeper attention on the Coronavirus. Western magician or witch cannot cure the Coronavirus. Paying attention to demands of world people and being content with own land and to stop excessive-demand attitude and aggression can cure the Coronavirus.

A wise advisor will recommend Mr. Trump it is better to him to leave the region than staying there. He should tell him to pack the bag from any part of the world and return Americans to their own land in order to appease global hatred against them. Only this behavior can cure the coronavirus.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : irannewsdaily