Iran, Norway Discuss Ties amid Pandemic
Iran, Norway Discuss Ties amid Pandemic
Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs in Iran, Seyed Abbas Araqchi and his counterpart in Norway held a phone conversation about bilateral ties.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs in Iran, Seyed Abbas Araqchi and his counterpart in Norway, held a phone conversation in which the senior diplomats discussed bilateral ties and highlighted the need for global cooperation to overcome the coronavirus crisis.

During the conversation with Secretary-General of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway Tore Hattrem on Wednesday afternoon, Araqchi referred to the global outbreak of the coronavirus and the need for all countries to work together to deal with it.

Beside discussing ties, the official in Norway also pointed to Washington’s unilateral sanctions against Iran in these difficult conditions and called on the international community to address this illegal and inhumane act by the United States.

The two sides further talked about bilateral relations, as well as regional and international developments. The next round of political consultations between the two countries in Oslo, the regional developments, including the Hormuz Peace Endeavor (HOPE), peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan, the latest situation in Iraq, and the need to continue humanitarian aid for Yemen were among other issues discussed in the telephone call.

The Norwegian official also expressed his sympathy for the Iranian government and people’s battle with the coronavirus and highlighted his country’s policy of multilateralism in the global arena and its assistance to international organizations to ensure the health of people.

Hattrem called for continued consultations with Iran on security and stability in the Persian Gulf and West Asia.

The Norwegian diplomat also invited the Iranian diplomat to visit Oslo after the coronavirus crisis which was welcomed by Araqchi.

  • source : Tasnim, Irannews