Global Update: 120,000 Died of COVID-19
Global Update: 120,000 Died of COVID-19
Global number of confirmed coronavirus cases was approaching 2 million on Tuesday, with nearly 120,000 confirmed deaths.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Global number of confirmed COVID-19 cases was approaching 2 million on Tuesday, with nearly 120,000 confirmed deaths, according to data compiled by the US Johns Hopkins University, as in Southeast Asia, leaders linked up by video to plot a strategy to overcome the virus crisis.

In the US, the recorded death toll topped 23,500, according to NBC News’ tally.

On Monday evening, President Donald Trump used the daily White House coronavirus briefing to air his grievances, telling reporters that “everything we did was right,” reported.

Lockdown measures in Europe as the global cases of COVID-19 rises

Italy – the hardest-hit country in Europe – slightly eased some restrictions Tuesday, allowing bookstores and shops selling children’s clothing to reopen. However, in neighboring France, President Emmanuel Macron said the lockdown would extend until May 11.

Austria cautiously eased confinement measures Tuesday as the virus deaths appeared to start leveling off in several hard-hit countries, though the world’s top health body, the World Health Organization, reignited warnings against lifting lockdowns too fast.

Austria followed Spain is slowly reopening some sectors, AFP reported.

The number of people infected with coronavirus in Germany has also “stabilized”, the public health chief, Lothar Wieler, said Tuesday, as politicians prepare for talks on when to end the lockdown measures used to slow the disease’s spread.

By midnight, 125,098 people in Europe’s most populous country had tested positive for coronavirus, according to Germany’s Robert Koch Institute (RKI) data.

More than half – around 68,000 – went on to recover, while almost 3,000 have died.

  • source : Iran Daily, Irannews