Iranian Companies Mature Enough for Mega Projects
Iranian Companies Mature Enough for Mega Projects
Iranian companies have grown and matured enough during development of South Pars fields

Iranian Companies Mature Enough for Mega Projects


TEHRAN – Managing Director of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) Mohammad Meshkinfam says Iranian companies have grown and matured enough during development of South Pars fields and they are currently implementing very well mega projects each worth $5b..

Speaking in a TV program, Meshkinfam highlighted major activities especially mega projects in South Pars fields, saying that currently 75 percent of national gas production is produced via South Pars and it is transferred to the gas supply network.

He pointed to the plan for installation and exploitation of the remaining six platforms of South Pars phases in the current year, noting that so far five platforms have been installed, and in case no climatic problem happens, the last platform of Phase 13 will be installed next Saturday in South Pars.

Meshkinfam also reiterated that with installation of last gas platform of South Pars, the all current installations in the offshore part of South Pars will be completed as schedule (except Phase 11) and the project for developing Phase 11 of South Pars will soon begin with drilling the first well.

He also said that about 650m cubic meters of gas is exploited from the joint gas fields of South Pars, expressing hope the figure would hit 670 million cubic meters by the yearend.

On provision of gas for domestic and household consumption from South Pars, Meshkinfam said that the capacity of daily exploitation from each gas platform in South Pars is 14m cubic meters and each Iranian household uses 25 cubic meters on average and each platform provides almost 500,000 households with gas. So the total household gas consumption in the winter is provided by South Pars, he added.

He further said platforms and gas facilities are installed in the shortest time possible and in the toughest climatic condition.

Meshkinfam added that by installation of the last platform, the number of installed platforms in South Pars will be 37 and two more platforms have been planned for Phase 11.

On the latest condition of developmental project of Phase 11 of South Pars, he said that Phase 11 will be exploited in two years, and shortly, the first jacket of Phase 11 will be installed as the first developmental stage of the project, and after accomplishing drilling process of wells, the dock will be installed respectively.

Touching upon the activities of Iranian companies in South Pars projects, he said that 70 percent of parts and equipment needed in South Pars are provided domestically and remaining 30 percent are provided through foreign producers.

He reiterated that Iranian companies have matured well during South Pars projects and they are now in charge of $5b projects.