Iran Air back on Europe route
Iran Air back on Europe route
Iran Air has restored its flights to European destinations days after the continent imposed restrictions on Iran’s flag carrier due to coronavirus outbreak in Iran.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Iran Air has restored its flights to Europe days after the continent imposed restrictions on Iran’s flag carrier due to coronavirus outbreak in Iran.

“The airline’s flights to the European destinations have been restored following consultation by Iran’s Foreign Ministry with European authorities, cooperation by Iran Civil Aviation Organization and Iran Air’s follow-up,” according to ISNA.

The news agency said that Iran Air’s flights to Europe except those to Vienna, Stockholm, and Gothenburg, will be carried out according to schedule.

The airline said passengers should keep in touch to obtain more information about the resumed flights.

IRNA reported on Sunday that Iran Air has stopped all flights to European destinations, citing a statement from the Civil Aviation Organization.

“With attention to the restrictions that have been placed on flights by Europe for unclear reasons all Iran Air flights to European destinations have been suspended until further notice,” IRNA said, citing the statement.

On Monday, Iran’s Ambassador to France Bahram Qassemi lambasted certain European governments for imposing restrictions on Iranian flights, saying the move would go down in history as shameful given that Iran is currently fighting a serious epidemic almost on its own.

Qassemi wrote on the Twitter account of the Iranian Embassy in France that instead of helping Iran, certain governments in Europe have decided to follow the United States and pile more pressure on Iran.

The envoy said it was a historic disgrace that Iran, a country already grappling with harsh US sanctions, is being denied of help in its fight against coronavirus.

“Instead of understanding the situation and helping the Iranians, some people, willingly or unwillingly and through vague excuses and in line with America’s maximum pressure, are adding to these pressures,” read part of Qassemi’s statement.

The envoy was referring to recent restrictions imposed on Iran’s flag carrier Iran Air forcing the airline to suspend all its flights to European destinations.

Iran Air announced on Sunday that it was trying to find a way out of the “unknown restrictions” imposed by European authorities.

That comes as Iran has dismissed claims that banning flights to Europe was related to the outbreak of coronavirus in the country.

For the past two years, the United States has been trying to persuade European governments that they should stop processing flights by Iran’s Mahan Air.

That comes as Iran Air, also known as Homa, has introduced new routes to compensate for Mahan Air’s canceled flights to European destinations.

The recent restrictions on Homa’s flights to Europe mean that no Iranian airline is currently servicing any flights to Europe.

That leaves many Iranians stranded in European countries where the number of people infected with the new coronavirus keeps surging.

  • source : Iran Daily, Irannews