India Should Get Ultimatum
India Should Get Ultimatum
Recent U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit to India was a turning point for encouraging the Indian Government to launch the citizenship law

India Should Get Ultimatum

Recent U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit to India was a turning point for encouraging the Indian Government to launch the citizenship law in order to harden the situation for Muslims. In recent days after Trump’s visit to New Delhi, Hindus in collaboration with police forces across India have attacked Muslims with stone and clubs to suppress their protests savagely.


It seems the late Imam Khomeini in his message on July 28, 1987, addressing world Muslims had predicted these days. The late Imam Khomeini in his massage had said, “Today governments and the subservient of superpowers, although have started a serious war with Muslims and like Indian government massacre innocent and freedom-seeker Muslims, never dare to close or destroy a mosque or any shrine of Muslims and they can never turn off the light and suppress the love of millions of Muslims.

Even, Indians destroy or close mosques and political and religious sites of ulema and even they kill ulema in public, it will prove the innocence of Islam and it will turn attention of Muslims to clerics more than ever and will follow them.

Is not it that ulema have promised God not to stay silent and to stand against tyranny and cruelty? Is not it that ulema are the sign of prophets and infallibles? So, ulema should come to the rescue and help of Islam and save Islam from the isolation which is entangled in.

That we seat and by only sending diplomatic message expect India to stop its racist policy in its new citizenship law is not enough. That Indian leaders by continuing trade worth billions and freezing Iran’s money take advantage in their economy and stab Muslims from behind needs undiplomatic solution.

On December 12, 2019, Indian Parliament approved citizenship bill and Indian President Ram Nath Kovind signed it into law. The move was a beginning for protests in India which is widening everyday. Who denies that the law is not fully discriminatory and rights of Muslim communities have not been ignored?

As we know, peaceful co-existence among different religion practitioners were the core of thoughts of founders of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru in building India in the new era. Is not it that India was considered as a safe haven for all religions? History never forgets that on the eve of British forces’ pullout from India and dominance of Indians on their country, Muslims feel frightened and some developments in the history made them establish an independent country which later was named “Pakistan” and they moved there. In that time, disintegration in Indian sub-continent was turned into the biggest exodus of the 20th century.

At that time, many Hindus and Muslims in India were forced to ignore each other and to choose their own borders for future life. Violence and exodus led to death of millions of people. Since Pakistan with majority of Muslims was established and majority of Hindus dominated India, both countries have always looked at each other as sworn enemy and Kashmir has turned into a war front for exercising proxy against each other.

Are Indian leaders after repeating the history? Do they want to force Muslims to revolt and to create another country beside Pakistan and Bangladesh? Are souls of Gandhi and Nehru content with Kovind’s decision?

Do world people accept this act from India which considers itself the biggest democracy? It is a must for all Muslim countries to issue an ultimatum to India. It seems Trump has promised India to silence countries like Egypt, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia over this discriminatory law. Otherwise, committing such an ethnic cleansing in collaboration with police could unlikely happen. As Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said, “Everyone who hears a cry for help in which it asks Muslims to help and he does not come to help, he is not Muslim.”

So where are Muslims to blunt the blade of injustice on the neck of innocent Muslims in India? Indian government is undoubtedly going astray and it will soon see its consequence.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS