U.S. Federative System Is Cracking
U.S. Federative System Is Cracking
The nation revealed its true nature with their massive presence, namely, its resistance against evils, and the only way for continuing this honorable path is to become stronger in any field

U.S. Federative System Is Cracking

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei during the unforgettable Tehran Friday Prayers sermons termed massive presence of wise Iranian nation in the funeral ceremonies of Martyr Lieutenant Qassem Soleimani and crushing response of IRGC and its attack on the U.S. airbase in Ain al-Asad in Iraq as two exemplary days of God and decisive ones. He further said, “The nation revealed its true nature with their massive presence, namely, its resistance against evils, and the only way for continuing this honorable path is to become stronger in any field.”


In his first sermon he pointed to this type of crime, saying,”Before that incident, such assassination attempts against leaders of resistance used to be particular to the Zionist regime in the region. Of course, the Americans had killed many people before that incident. They killed and assassinated as many individuals as they could in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in other countries, but they would not acknowledge it. However, in the case of Martyr Soleimani, they confessed to it. The U.S. President confessed to it that they are terrorist. What scandal is graver than this?”

He also emphasized, “The powerful response by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps is noteworthy as well. The day of God when our dear and great martyr was buried is one side of the issue and the powerful response made by the Guards Corps is another side of the issue. The latter is noteworthy as well. That was a blow to the US. It was of course, a military blow – an efficient military blow – but above that, they received a blow in terms of their reputation. It was a blow to the superpower grandeur of the U.S. This blow cannot be made up for with anything. In the present time, they have announced that they have intensified the sanctions, but this cannot recover the lost reputation of the U.S.”

He also said Almighty’s power was revealed in the crushing response of the IRGC forces and it was because of pure struggles, adding, “Purity is a blessed act. Whenever purity exists, Allah the Exalted blesses it and He blesses His pure servants. Then our affairs become blessed, they grow and everyone will benefit from them.”

That the Americans are content with losing their grandeur and even hide their casualties indicates that the U.S. President Donald Trump unlike what the Republicans try to show has created the grounds for disintegration of 52 states of the U.S.

I do not want talk about the Democrats because they do not care shedding blood by Trump and they are only focused on his impeachment.

The most important thing at this stage is God’s will that was revealed with timely action of the IRGC forces and their harsh revenge quid pro quo for assassination of leader of resistance Martyr Soleimani and firing missiles at the selected targets which was a shame for the White House. So all the U.S. states except Washington cannot tolerate this shame.

Recently, famous American documentary filmmaker and winner of Cannes Golden Palm Award who is a Michigan University educate Michael Moore, known as Michael Francis Moore, blasted Trump. Moore is famous for making movies critical of policies of the U.S. leaders.

He started his career as an editor in a magazine which was published by the Michigan University and then he turned to documentary filmmaking for TV channels. He is famous for his sharp, critical language and views in their works. In 2003, he wrote the book “Dude, Where Is my Country? And in his book he harshly criticized Bush family and he had some predictive sentence which is ponderable.

His new documentary has been made in 2016 whose title is “Michael Moore in Trump Land” and its trailer has been recently unveiled in Huffington website. Moore himself narrates the story. In some part of the documentary, while Trump gazing at the camera, Moore says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the last U.S. President.” Moore then says he hopes the film would expose the severe danger of Trump.

The filmmaker further says, “Journalism schools in the U.S. have not taught their students how to cover the news about a dictator leader. Our media do not know what they are facing with. A dictator person has deceived the media.”

Trump knows his place of living more than any one of those media which covers his news. This makes all people face severe danger.

When Moore talks about the last U.S. President, it exactly means the federative era in the U.S. is coming to its end and the ground is ready for dissolution of its states. The IRGC attacks at the strategic airbases of the U.S. in the region have shattered the whole U.S. One can easily realize that today no reputation has been left for the U.S. So why do most states which earn the most revenues for the country and pay tax  100 percent more than others to the federal government have to acquiesce in this humiliation?

When the Supreme Leader says U.S. Trump is today considered as a state terrorist country according to his own acknowledgement and no shame has been left for it, we can become more hopeful on materialization of Moore’s remarks and accept that federative system in the U.S. has suffered the crack.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian