Turnout in 11th Majlis Elections 42.57%
Turnout in 11th Majlis Elections 42.57%
Rahmani-Fazli yesterday in a press conference on the final result of the 11th round of Majlis elections stated the turnout in elections throughout the country was %42.57%

Turnout in 11th Majlis Elections 42.57%


TEHRAN – After two days of various assumptions over the turnout in the 11th Majlis election, Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli yesterday in a press conference on the final result of the 11th round of Majlis elections stated the turnout in elections throughout the country was %42.57%

Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli appreciated the good cooperation among related organizations that hold elections in each field of the security to development and monitoring.

He stated that some in the media and some people raised issues as to why the Ministry of the Interior did not regularly announce the participation rate from the early morning; any announcement of participation would have to be announced in accordance with the law. And the legal process was that it must be based on the minutes of the meeting between the executive and the supervising boards and approval of the Guardian Council and the Ministry of the Interior.

“We have set up 1123 Executive Boards, we have trained directly 3000 individuals and 45796 indirectly for the election process.” He said. The competition was set among the 5,232 candidates and 25 for the Assembly of the experts.

He noted the reasons for the delay in announcing the election results, adding, “Various incidents like plane crash, recent unrests in Iran, the Coronavirus outbreak and political conditions all are effective, but the participation of the people in the elections is quite acceptable and it shows that the Iranian people are fully prepared to participate under every condition”.

“The turnout in the parliamentary elections was 42.57%” the minister added. The figure shows 19 percent decrease in the number of voters comparing to the previous edition of Majlis election.

“Today or tomorrow, when the election results are finalized, those who have any protest, would be able to submit their objections to the Executive Boards,” he said.

“Every minute and moment of the election is essential for us. I emphasize the election security,” Rahmani Fazli noted.” Inspectors monitored the election procedures. The Energy Ministry, communication and defense ministry education ministry has done a lot during the election. Various media outlets especially national and provincial media have done a lot,” the minister highlighted.

“Political groups also took part in the election they also encouraged others as well to do the same. I stress out this round of the election was the secure and healthiest and precise one based on rules,” he noted.

According to reports, principalists won the seats in Tehran constituency as all their 30 candidates won the needed majority to enter 11th Majlis.

Former Tehran Mayor Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf was the top winner in Tehran as he won 72% of Tehranis’ votes. He could win over 1.2m votes. Mostafa Mirsalim with 892,318 votes and Morteza Aghatehrani with 868,025 votes have gained respectively the most number of votes in the electoral district of Tehran after Qalibaf.

Reformist candidates were shunned mostly in the country and especially in Tehran constituency.