CIA Spy in Iran Sentenced to Death
CIA Spy in Iran Sentenced to Death
Judiciary spokesman said on Tuesday that the spy who had passed Iran's nuclear information to the Central Intelligence Agency of the US (CIA) is sentenced to death.

CIA Spy in Iran Sentenced to Death


TEHRAN – Judiciary spokesman said on Tuesday that the spy who had passed Iran’s nuclear information to the Central Intelligence Agency of the US (CIA) is sentenced to death.

Saying that the verdict will be implemented soon, Gholam-Hossein Esmaeeli said in his press conference that the sentenced CIA agent, Amir Rahimour, had received handsome amounts from the US for this job.

Esmaeeli said that the Supreme Court of Iran has also confirmed the verdict.

The U.S. has repeatedly showed its enmity with Iran in several cases in the past 40 years, including the Iraqi invasion of Iran (1980-88) which was de facto imposed by the U.S., Operation of Tabas (1980), shooting down Iran Air Flight 655 (1988) and as the latest case, assassination of the IRGC commander Lieutenant -General Qasem Soleimani (2020) and the sanctions.

He went on to say that the U.S. constantly uses espionage as another way of inflicting blows to Iran.

He said they have not been victorious in any of their methods, and the Zionist and U.S. spies are uncovered and punished one by one, which has been a hard blow to the U.S. espionage system.

The supporters of such people should know that Iran does not compromise with enemies, especially foreign ones, he said, adding that recently two other Iranians were arrested with espionage accusations. They did their spying activities in form of charity organizations; they were sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment for espionage and another five years for acting against security.

He did not reveal their names because their sentences have not been finalized.

On the complaint of Martyr Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani’s family and the Judiciary against those behind his assassination and filing a lawsuit said that the assassination of Gen. Soleimani is a clear indication of state terrorism.

The official underscored that measures have been taken both at the Judiciary and at the Foreign Ministry, but the families of the martyrs said they would file a complaint after the ceremony to mark his 40 days’ martyrdom.”

He added, “A case has been filed in Iraq that we are pursuing and they are pursuing the case seriously and we will follow up in the international court.”

Pointing to the Coronavirus and the cancellation of flights to China and related issues, the spokesman said: “We heard about the cancellation of flights and a flight was charted to China to bring Iranian students back.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Judiciary spokesman stated that the electoral campaign should not be about accusing rivals.

“I urge the candidates of the Majlis and their supporters to observe the law and regulations in the election propaganda process. Those who want to serve people and society in the legislation should themselves be the best symbol of respecting the laws and avoiding destruction, accusing rivals,” Esmeeli stated.

The spokesman noted, “Soon we expect two epics. The epics of re-emergence of the people on 22 Bahman and a nationwide march on the anniversary of the victory of the revolution. Our next expectation is the parliamentary elections in which the people will show their permanent presence in the elections, as the Islamic Republic of Iran has held numerous elections more than any other country.”