Why Was UK’s Animosity Unmasked?
Why Was UK’s Animosity Unmasked?
On Saturday January 11 when the issue of shooting down of Ukrainian plane by an interview from innocent commander

Why Was UK’s Animosity Unmasked?

On Saturday January 11 when the issue of shooting down of Ukrainian plane by an interview from innocent commander of Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Brigadier Amir Hajizadeh became public, it became a good pretext for enemies to forget their failure in last November riots in the country and to encourage their elements and insiders to resume riots and riots under pretext of holding commemoration or funeral ceremonies for the victims of the Ukrainian plane crash.


One interesting point during these anti-national protests was the British Embassy’s invitation of Iranian artists to the embassy while some of these artists seem to be attached to freemasonry societies. Above all, direct participation of British embassy, during the illegal gatherings, unveiled hypocritical behavior as he was arrested by vigilant law enforcement forces.

That British Ambassador himself participates in a 200-something people gathering and prepares report by capturing film from these acts and slogans against the Supreme Leader indicates apparently that UK has officially taken actions for regime change and this den of corruption should be closed down like what happened to the den of espionage (the U.S. Embassy).

The British Ambassador’s act was so hideous and against all diplomatic conventions that all media and websites wrote that this time enemies of Iranian nation, that undoubtedly do not bother about the nations’ problems and pains, have clung to the rope of plane crash because of intensity of Iran’s punch.

If we have a precise look at the dimensions of the issue, we realize that the issue of Ukrainian plane shoot-down by Iranian defense system  hours after heroic and historic operation of Aerospace Force of IRGC  embittered the sweetness of the big victory for families of the victims (of course this era of sorrow would end and then the dimensions of this operation should be discussed and analyzed), great Iranian nation and maybe more than anybody else those who had conducted that great and historic operation.

Although the dimensions of the complicated situation of firing at the plane have not been yet clarified, and there are some assumptions on saboteur and electric manipulation, in this condition when the climate of sorrow and bewilderment dominates the society, in fact any technical or expertise explanation may be considered as justification.

So IRGC Commander Brigadier Hossein Salami and Brigadier Hajizadeh prudently avoided giving technical explanation over technical ambiguity of error in shooting down of the plane but they fully took the responsibility of the incident in order to calm down the emotional society for starting a precise probe over the incident and finding those who were really guilty either in the IRGC or any other organ.

But enemies by fanning the flame for creating riots showed the world this disgrace so that even U.S. President Donald Trump, who has openly and officially revealed his animosity towards Iran and Iranian nation and personally commits assassination on January 12, the day after the arrests of British Ambassador tweeted in Persian, “To Iranian leader, there cannot be another massacre of peaceful protesters, nor an internet shutdown. The government of Iran must allow human rights groups to monitor and report facts from the ground on the ongoing protests by the Iranian people. The world is watching.”

By the way at the same time, the news of British Ambassador’s detention during his presence in the illegal  gathering in front of Amir Kabir University was clear, flagrant and very surprising.

That the ambassador of schismatic British government personally showed up in a riotous gathering was so unimaginable that first it was unbelievable. When I say it was unimaginable it is because colonialist Old Fox (a term used by Iranians to describe Britain) is famous for machination and behind the scene hypocrisy, and it usually takes action against independent countries through their infiltrated cells and operational pawns in the target society. And British spies and agents, under the guise of diplomatic mission, usually do not reveal their identities and remain behind the scene in order to deny and acquit themselves in the nick of time, and for this reason it makes the British Ambassador’s case surprising.

It seems Martyr Soleimani’s funeral and presence of millions of Iranians in the funeral had tightened the noose to Trump who personally took the responsibility of assassination and unmasked the terrorist nature of the U.S. and later it happened to the British.

It is difficult to believe that the British Ambassador without getting green light from his government and even British Queen advice has committed such a hateful, shameful and undiplomatic act. Shame on this indecency.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian