New Delhi Calls for Bolstering Ties With Tehran
New Delhi Calls for Bolstering Ties With Tehran
TEHRAN – Indian Ambassador to Tehran Mr. Gaddam Dharmendra in meeting with Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani called for bolstering ties between both states.

New Delhi Calls for Bolstering Ties With Tehran

Mr. Dharmendra said that several meetings have been held between high-ranking officials of both states and it indicates the gradual progress in relations between Tehran and New Delhi and Hindustan has explained the reasons behind delay in implementing the projects during the meetings.


He also called for continuation of talks between both states in order to reach unity, adding that since parliamentarian election has ended in India, his country invites Mr. Larijani for a visit to New Delhi.

Meanwhile in the meeting, Mr. Larijani pointed to the negative impacts of the U.S. behavior in the international scene, adding that Iran expects big countries not to remain indifferent towards the U.S. sanctions because if the U.S. gets used to bullying, next it will be India’s turn to be bullied.

He also pointed to the deep-rooted relations between Iran and India, noting that India is a big country and there is an especial capacity for expansion of bilateral ties between both states and it should be used.

Larijani went on to say that some countries do not like friendly ties between both countries to be expanded, stating that Iran and India should not give chance to those countries to succeed and both should move in direction to bolster ties.

He noted that Iran and India can cooperate in energy and new technology fields and they should complement each other in creating peace and stability in the region.

Larijani reiterated that Iran would pass these sanctions, and hard times would end, and there is a bright future ahead of the country for cooperation especially with the East.