MSC Sets Record for Continuous Casting
MSC Sets Record for Continuous Casting
TEHRAN – The Head of Continuous Casting Machine Unit 5 of Mobarakeh Steel Company says the unit due to efforts of its staff has set a new record for 151 casting melts by using of Fly Tundish operation.

Head of Continuous Casting Machine Unit 5 of the company Mr. Mohammad Fakhri highlighted the performance of this unit and continuous casting machine.


He said capable personnel of the Unit 5 managed to repair some defects of the machine and prepared it for resumption of casting.

He added that due to their efforts, the company could revive the continuous casting activities after years and achieved the new record.

Fakhri went on to say that coordination, speed and accuracy are the pre-requisites of such a success.

He added that in the Fly Tundish operation, the Tundish which carries the melted material is replaced without any halt to the casting process and this should happen in 3 minutes otherwise it will harm the melting process.

Fakhri reiterated that the achievement was the result of 96 hours of continuous production, and about 12,000 meters of hot slap steel without any defect were produced.

He reiterated that Fly Tundish operation is innately a risky and dangerous operation and it needs experience and accuracy.