Judiciary Chief Highlights Importance of Justice
Judiciary Chief Highlights Importance of Justice
TEHRAN – Judiciary Chief Hojjatoleslam Ebrahim Raisi has stressed the importance of carrying out justice in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Speaking on Saturday at a gathering in Tehran, Hojjatoleslam Raisi said it is the duty of every government department and ministry to enjoin good and avoid that which has been prohibited.


Commenting on the economy, Raisi said it is very important to support manufacturing and production.

He added: “We must support the manufacturing sector and we must not turn into a purely consumer society. We must rein-in consumption, and our consumption must be moderate.”

“We must also control inflation and not allow prices to rise unjustifiably. Price increases must be reasonable. It is also essential to protect the rights of the consumer and the rights of the public,” Raisi noted.

Turning to corruption and fraud, the head of the Judiciary advised senior managers and officials to always promote morality, decency, and ethics in their respective organizations and government-owned institutions, since this is the sure way of reducing crime, corruption, fraud and the like.

Raisi also warned that Iran’s enemies want to spread corruption, fraud, lawlessness and vice in Iranian society. He pointedly added: “It is essential to resist the enemy and not allow it to weaken the country.”

Commenting on the media, he said Iranian media, particularly the national broadcasting media, must ensure that the public is aware that justice is being done in this country and the laws of the land are being upheld.

“The media must report this important fact”, he said.

He also called the society to feel responsible regarding joining good and forbidding wrong, adding that if the society is passive against enjoining good and forbidding wrong, it will be a dead society.

Hojjatoleslam Raisi added that if feeling responsibility loses its stance and color in the society, the ground will be paved for spread of corruption, immorality and any type of cruelties.

He reiterated that rule of law and creating hope in the society is one of the important issues in enjoining good, noting that today all should work together to protect the Islamic establishment.

He once again emphasized that the Judiciary is determined to spread justice in the society and it will fight the vices.