Iran’s health min. meet Indonesian counterpart
Iran’s health min. meet Indonesian counterpart
Iranian Minister of Health and Medical Education Saeed Namaki met and held talks with the Indonesian Minister of Health Nila Moeloek on Saturday.

In bilateral meeting, Namaki highlighted the Iranian Government’s policy under President Hassan Rouhani in the health sector, more focusing on providing health insurance, infrastructure, malignant diseases and preventive measures against communicable diseases.

Namaki said that right now, the Iranian government is also building a medical record system for Iranian citizens. Furthermore, there were 66 medical universities in Iran and around 97% of medicines supplied by more than 1200 local industries. Iran is also building a number of industries in the field of medical devices. About 67% of raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry in Iran are provided by local companies. Iran is also ready to develop halal vaccines from Asian countries including Indonesia.

Meanwhile the Indonesian Minister of Health said that her visit to Iran was one of the commitments to immediately implement the MoU on health cooperation that had been ratified in Geneva on the sidelines of the World Health Council meeting. With a large population and geographical conditions, Indonesia has a number of challenges. Same with Iran at this time Indonesia is also fixing health care services, efforts to reduce mortality rates, reduce infant mortality rates and prevent complex diseases.

She said that the Government of Indonesia had launched two programs namely the Nusantara Sehat Program where new doctors and health workers were assigned to remote areas. Another program is the Healthy Food Movement (Germas) which promotes healthy lifestyles.

  • source : Mehrnews