Iranian Speaker Hails Armenia’s Supportive Stances
Iranian Speaker Hails Armenia’s Supportive Stances
In a meeting with Armenia’s ambassador to Tehran, Larijani lauded the Armenian government’s stances in support of Iran in international circles, saying such backing results from the friendship between the two neighbors.

Highlighting the cordial ties between Tehran and Yerevan,Iranian Speaker Hails Armenia’s Supportive Stances Larijani also called for the promotion of cooperation in the agricultural, pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

He also voiced the Iranian parliament’s readiness for the development of parliamentary ties with Armenia.

For his part, the Armenian envoy stressed the need for the expansion of parliamentary interaction between the two neighbors.

Artashes Tumanyan also noted that Armenia’s parliament speaker is going to pay a visit to Iran in the near future.

In February, Armenian Prime Minister Pashinian visited Iran and held a meeting with Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

In the meeting, Ayatollah Khamenei hailed Armenia as a good neighbor of Iran, stressing that the two nations should maintain friendly ties despite the US plots.

“Contrary to what the US desires, the ties between Iran and Armenia should be strong, persistent and friendly,” the Leader underscored.

Ayatollah Khamenei also described increased cooperation and friendly relations as a duty to be conducted in favor of common interests of Iran and Armenia, saying, “Of course, the US is completely unreliable and always tries to cause sedition, corruption, conflict and war; they are against the relations between Iran and Armenia and they oppose the interests of the nations. However, in response, we need to strengthen our relations and cooperation.”

Highlighting the friendly relations of Iran and Armenia throughout history, the Leader went on to say, “Iran and Armenia have never had any problems with each other. According to our Islamic teachings, we deem ourselves obliged to behave well toward our neighboring countries; even though the US officials, …, have no understanding of such matters or of human relations.”