Iran to increase tariff on raw minerals: VP Sattari
Iran to increase tariff on raw minerals: VP Sattari
Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari said on Tue. that tariff rates for exporting raw minerals will increase.

In order to reduce crude-selling of domestically-manufactured products, tariff rates for export of raw minerals will increase by 25 percent effective as of Sept. 22, he added.

Supply of domestic oil in the form of crude has been turned into a weaknesses for the country, he said, adding, “under such circumstances, enemies of the country especially the United State, while focusing on it, imposes financial and economic sanctions against the country.”

To realize objectives of all-out economic development in the country, “we have no choice but to prevent crude selling of raw materials,” Sattari emphasized.

In modern economics, crude selling of products is regarded as a basic and fundamental weakness, he noted.

Head of Iran’s National Elites Foundation Sattari stated, “with supporting research and development (R&D) sectors and relying upon talented youth, fortunately, the country has attained favorable self-sufficiency in refinery sector.”

He also pointed to the practical and important role of knowledge-based companies in spurring economy of the country and added, “small- and medium-sized enterprises have brought about sizable revenues for those who are active in economic sector of the country.”

  • source : Mehrnews