Iran Rejects European Parliament’s ‘Biased’ Human Rights Resolution
Iran Rejects European Parliament’s ‘Biased’ Human Rights Resolution
Iran’s Foreign Ministry dismissed allegations of human rights violation raised in a recent “biased, one-sided and unrealistic” resolution the European Parliament has adopted against the Islamic Republic.

In a statement on Monday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi rejected the resolution that the European Parliament adopted on September 19 on Iran’s human rights record.

The European Parliament’s resolution, endorsed by 608 votes in favor, seven against and 46 abstentions, has condemned what it calls “suppression of women” in Iran.

In his statement, Mousavi said the European Parliament has put a “biased, one-sided, unrealistic, and disappointing” resolution against Iran to the vote, while the MEPs have turned a blind eye to the US economic terrorism against Iran, which he said has violated the rights of 80 million people.

The resolution reveals that the new MEPs are unfamiliar with the ongoing developments in Iran, the spokesman deplored, adding that it has leveled accusations against Iran on the basis of “incorrect and inauthentic information and of targeted media campaigns.”

“Although there is no need for a comparison with regional countries, the status of women’s rights, and human rights in general, in the Islamic Republic of Iran is by far (better than others in the region and beyond) in many areas,” Mousavi added.

He also noted that in many cases, the situation of women in Iran has even outdone the condition of women in the countries that claim to be advocates of human rights.

Iran would not deny a series of shortcomings in the human rights field, the spokesman added, stressing that efforts are underway to overcome the challenges on the basis of Islamic and national tenets and values.

“For the Islamic Republic of Iran, observing human rights is a religious and legal obligation and a subject in line with the national interests and security,” the spokesman said, stressing that there is no need for “spiteful and opportunistic emphases” from others to respect the human rights.

Mousavi also denounced the use of double-standards when it comes to human rights or instrumental employment of human rights against other countries, saying, “Adoption of such resolutions and measures runs counter to the interaction with the European Union and would definitely not be constructive.”