Iran Powerful Enough to Take Responsibility of Its Acts
Iran Powerful Enough to Take Responsibility of Its Acts
TEHRAN - Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says Iran has great determination to act and a tongue to speak to take responsibility for its actions.

Major General Hossein Salami made the remarks at the opening ceremony Saturday on an exhibition to show drones captured by the Iranian forces.


Iran owns various collections of drones, which have made by the world modern countries including the United States that have violated Iranian territorial space, shot down by the Iranian forces, the IRGC commander said.

Downing of those drones means failure of the U.S. technology in dealing with technology gained by [Iranian] people who are under unfair sanctions and pressures, Salami said.

About the exhibition, Salami said it puts the U.S. barbarism on display.

Salami added any country that launches even a limited attack on Iran will turn its land into the main battlefield.

He said Iran will never allow any aggression to be driven onto its soil. The IRGC chief said the response to any limited attack will not be limited and those behind any aggression will be punished severely.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of an exhibition of captured drones in Tehran, he stressed that the Islamic Republic’s capacities are hidden and Tehran has revealed only a small part of its power.

General Salami urged the enemies of Iran to study the history of their failure in dealing with the Iranian nation so they can avoid further miscalculations.

The top commander added that Iran’s defense capabilities are not like in the past and they can crush any enemies.

Earlier, Iranian Army Chief Abdolrahim Mousavi told a televised interview that Iran has recently received a message from Americans, in which they asked Iran to let them carry out a limited attack to save face.

The Americans asked Iran not to retaliate so that the clash would get over, Mousavi said.

However, he added, Iran told the U.S. if they attack one target in Iran, the Islamic Republic will hit ten in response.