Hezbollah proved that it fulfills its promises: MP
Hezbollah proved that it fulfills its promises: MP
A senior Iranian lawmaker said that yesterday’s response of Hezbollah to recent Israeli aggression proved that the force is honest in fulfilling its promises.

“The operation demonstrated the resistance’s determination to confront and respond to the Zionist’s aggression,” Spokesman for the Iranian Parliament’s National Security Committee, Hossein Naghavi Hosseini, told Alahed on Monday, adding, “Hezbollah proved that it fulfills its promises.”

He went on to say that the Islamic Resistance’s operation was a source of pride for all sides in the axis of resistance.

Hezbollah attacked an Israeli personnel carrier traveling near the illegal settlement of Avivim on Sunday in response to Israeli aggression last week on Syria and Lebanon which killed two of the resistance members.

After the Sunday aggression in Lebanon and Syria against Hezbollah forces, the leader of the Resistance movement Hassan Nasrallah had vowed that the aggression would not go unanswered and Sunday’s operation seemed to be the promised response to the aggression.

With Israel announcing the cessation of exchange of fire on Sunday, it seems they are not willing to escalate tensions any further despite their earlier warnings of a devastating war. Hezbollah’s response to the Israeli aggression appears to have been a timely and calculated one.

  • source : Mehrnews