We Hold the Reins of Security in the Persian Gulf
We Hold the Reins of Security in the Persian Gulf
The U.S.’s seeking of excuse for creating any sedition or unrest in the Persian Gulf will have no effect on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s will and we, in Iran, insist on keeping the Persian Gulf secure, without tension and  in favor of the country and its neighbors.

Having more than 200 kilometers of maritime boundary in the south of Iran is a great opportunity in order that forces who protect the national interests of the country could train elite and skillful forces to face any conflict with logical strategy and sophisticated equipment.


That the exit from the Strait of Hormuz which is the only waterway for entry and exit to the Persian Gulf is naturally in the territorial authority of the Islamic Republic, and consequently, Iran will not let any other power from any part of the world show muscles there because of its sovereignty, territorial interests and national authority.

So, every country, which says it will join the U.S. coalition, will be tolerated by the Islamic Republic as just a mere propagation or to some extent as the subservience to the U.S. ,  and trespassing from this limitation will not be definitely to the benefit of any one to shield the U.S. and its bully, and the violator will face the same fate that the U.S. drone and the UK oil tanker faced.

Those countries should underestimate the U.S. humiliation during the shot-down of its drone and they should take a lesson from UK’s broken pride during its humiliating release of illegally seized Iranian tanker.

Everybody witnessed that the U.S. drone entered Iran’s airspace illegally and it was shot down in shortest time by home-made weapons, and the U.S. drone’s presence in Iran’s space was not questioned by anyone. The British seized Iran’s oil tanker in the international waters and in Gibraltar, and they claimed that the seizure was according to the EU laws while they really were well aware that they were telling a lie because the EU laws do not recommend any transboundary action. So we responded them very fast as we believe that all should abide by the international laws.

If the countries do not respect the international laws, it will lead to chaos. According to the articles of the UNSC Resolution No. 2231, countries should normalize their relations with Iran after the nuclear deal and they should prevent any country or the current which causes hurdles in implementation of the articles of the resolution. But unfortunately the U.S. puts pressure on those countries and it hinders the implementation of the resolutions and we do not know how to interpret the U.S. behavior. That the countries let the U.S. dictate its own policy for them forcefully has turned the world into a jungle. The U.S., due to its military power, does not abide by law and it is innately a bullying country and we, Iranians, have learned in the school of the founder of the Islamic Revolution, the late Ayatollah Imam Khomeini (R), not to give in to bullying under the pressures . But we have proved the world historically and even after the Islamic Revolution that Iran is a peace-loving country, and it is not looking for any tension at all, and it was the U.S. and the Western countries which waged a war on Iran through their puppet Saddam Hussein, but Iranians defended bravely against this global coalition against their country during the eight-year imposed war with Iraq and we made them feel repentant.

Americans thought that by helping the Saddam Regime they could defeat Iran in 20 days. But the history once again proved that Iran would remain and defended successfully its almost 7,000 years of history and today in the region there is no remark above Iran’s. When the world witnesses this credit that Iran has remained to its JCPOA commitments and others failed to fulfill it, how can one call Iran violator of the deal?

The current government in Tehran held negotiations with the P5+1 for over two years and annoyed its nation and accepted some undertakings during the deal while majority of the nation considered the deal an imposition and its result as weakness of the government and its diplomatic elements, but they had to accept it because they had voted for the government. In return, the Westerns and above all the U.S. contravened its commitments and offended against their 150-page agreement. Unfortunately, Europe practically failed to fulfill its commitments regarding the JCPOA and the UNSC Resolution 2231 in compliance with the bullying U.S. So today we gradually scale back from our JCPOA commitments by issuing ultimatum and warning and we will not let anyone interfere in the regional security.

By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : Iran news